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18-9-2017 11:57:29  #61

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

I'm preparing for a public screening of Reds (1981) for the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution. Lots of clacking typewriters in that, as all of the main characters are journalists and writers. I came across this shot of Warren Beatty as Jack Reed rattling an old Underwood. 



18-9-2017 14:27:35  #62

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

Jack Reed? Thought he was known as "John," but I haven't seen the movie (or read anything about him).

Sounds like an interesting event. It's been a long hundred years, hasn't it? I just watched the first installment of the PBS  "Vietnam" series last night -- hard to believe how long ago this was already.


18-9-2017 15:06:04  #63

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

Yes, John Reed in the book, but the characters keep referring to him as "Jack" in the movie. 

Somebody needs to press "pause" on this whole forward-march-of-time thing. 


19-9-2017 08:17:17  #64

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

I went through the whole 3 hours and 15 minutes of the movie last night. In addition to the Underwood, Jack Nicholson's character (Eugene O'Neill) has an Oliver (5?) with black keys. 

Maureen Stapleton's character, Emma "EG" Goldman looks to have a straight-keyboard Hammond Multiplex on her desk in Russia, covered in letters from the West.


And when John Reed (Warren Beatty) and Louise Bryant (Diane Keaton) are hammering-out correspondence during the Russian Revolution, it looks like they're doing so over a folding, three-bank portable--either a Corona or Erika(?) 



15-10-2017 20:30:14  #65

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

There are a few typewriters in the new movie Dr. Marston and the Wonder Women. Many of the early scenes (circa 1920s) feature a Royal 10 in the middle of the doctor's lab area. There appears to be an Underwood four-bank portable and some other models as the story progresses into the 1940s and 1950s. 

At one point, the character, Elizabeth, who'd been hired as a secretary, is pounding away with great emotion on her typewriter. She gets to the end of the line, returns the carriage and continues pounding on the keys at a ferocious rate, BUT THE CARRIAGE WASN'T MOVING AT ALL! 

Apparently I was the only one bothered by this. 


16-10-2017 09:12:53  #66

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

I guess she was so overwrought she didn't notice the machine was broken!


03-11-2017 20:49:24  #67

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

Just watched You've Got Mail and two electric Olympias are shown. They said the name but I forgot what it was. 


04-11-2017 17:17:04  #68

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

SquireDante wrote:

Just watched You've Got Mail and two electric Olympias are shown. They said the name but I forgot what it was. 


"To save time is to lengthen life."

07-11-2017 12:48:22  #69

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

In The Hudsucker Proxy there are a couple of newsroom scenes with typing going on.  Looks like the female lead uses a wide carriage Royal KMM or KGM.  At 1:42 you can briefly see what looks like a Royal Quiet Deluxe or similar on the deck behind her too.



15-12-2017 16:47:17  #70

Re: Typewriters in the Movies

My sister and I watched Airplane! the other night and I saw what looked like a couple Royal KMGs in the room where the pilots guiding Striker are situated. As for the movie, it's got to be the edgiest and least PG comedy I've ever seen. Gotta say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.


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