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02-4-2013 13:34:53  #1

Executive keyboard

Well, this actually is sort of typewriter related, but it didn't fit in anywhere else: a computer keyboard with a typewriter vibe. When I first saw it, I thought it was using the keys from a real vintage machine, but on closer inspection they're purpose-made.

I want one, but for $750?!




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02-4-2013 14:20:04  #2

Re: Executive keyboard

It looks like it would be a fun novelty, but only if its typing action more closely mimics that of an actual typewriter as opposed to that of a plastic computer keyboard. Its feel aside, the cost makes it a total non-starter for me.

For that kind of money I could buy a decent typewriter and permanently fit it with one of those electronic keyboard kits, and still save hundreds.

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02-4-2013 15:27:00  #3

Re: Executive keyboard

Really cool, but for $750, I could buy the typewriter...hell...TWO typewriters...maybe even THREE...of my dreams, and forget about the damn keyboard. 

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10-6-2014 15:37:57  #4

Re: Executive keyboard

Has anyone seen the QwerkyWriter on Kickstarter? If it gets funding it will be a lot cheaper than this one, and nicer too. With a slot for tablets, and a typewriter look. I've often thought it would be nice to have a computer keyboard that was as pleasant to write on as a typewriter, but didn't imagine it would be possible. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/954250822/the-qwerkywriter-typewriter-inspired-mechanical-ke


15-3-2016 16:37:50  #5

Re: Executive keyboard

Looks more like something off of an old Linotype rather than a typewriter.  Looks a bit steampunk too.  At $750, a little too rich for my blood, but if the manufacturer wants to go for the high-end dollars, more power to 'em!!

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29-4-2016 19:09:10  #6

Re: Executive keyboard

Old post, but what the deuce.  When I first saw the title "Executive Keyboard," I thought of IBM Executive typewriter keyboards.  They are a little different from the regular IBMs, at least here stateside.  The 1 and ! key is tucked behind the : and ; on the Models A, B, and C. The Model D looks more like a standard keyboard.  I have also seen custom keyboards with the 1 on the upper left hand side.  My 1962 IBM has that, although normally the Model C is an 86-character keyboard.  This one's an 88.  What's more, the 1 is without the !, because the copperplate gothic has two sizes of the 1.  Even the numbers are upper and lower case on this machine!

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15-11-2016 08:57:18  #7

Re: Executive keyboard

Revisiting an old thread:
I just recently saw someone on Craigslist in Brooklyn selling their Qwerkywriter for $250. Qwerkywriter is on Amazon.com and seems to get universally amazing reviews. The product is gorgeous, and the inventor in the accompanying video looks like an antique typewriter aficionado. 

Now... about that money-growing-on-trees thing...


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