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12-5-2018 01:45:45  #721

Re: New Member Thread

Ok, interesting! Are spares available for it and what might it be worth?


12-5-2018 06:52:38  #722

Re: New Member Thread

Do you mean spare parts? Not unless you find another one that you can cannibalize. No parts being made for any typewriter these days. Value -- nominal (less than $50 US).


12-5-2018 08:23:59  #723

Re: New Member Thread

That's cool I paid less than that. So no parts as I thought. I am only missing one ball knob and the Seven eights label for one key. What about ribbons?  By the way there is an old underwood which I've made a bid on, are they more desirous than the Remington?


12-5-2018 13:21:31  #724

Re: New Member Thread

If it's an Underwood 5 (made more or less from 1900-1940), there are many, many of them out there, so if anything they're even worth less, though because of their old-timey looks, they are often bought purely for decoration. Can't say the same for the Remington, but as a piece of equipment for typing it's great.

Remingtons take a special ribbon spool. What looks like a regular spool -- silver or black color -- is just a spool cover. Pull that off and you'll see the bare ribbon and spool, which is what you get when you buy a Remington spool -- there's a metal core that slips over the "hub" on the machine itself but otherwise it's just ribbon. These are hard to find, even online.

You can respool ribbon onto the core, though; just be aware that the most commonly available ribbons, which come with a metal grommet near each end (used for typewriters with a more common ribbon reverse mechanism), will need to be modified. If you have the metal ribbon core, cut the grommet off the ribbon and impale the remaining end of the ribbon on the sharp arrow-shaped hook. Make sure the hook points in the direction the ribbon winds (vs. unwinds), so that the ribbon stays on.

If you don't have one of the ribbon cores, you still can use a ribbon with a grommet. Leave the grommet in place but trim almost all the ribbon between the end and the grommet. There should be a slot on the ribbon hub; slip the grommet inside the slot and that should hold the ribbon in place. (Note that this slot is not to be confused with the gap on the hub that has a little metal tongue sticking out; you need to keep that tongue free to move in and out as it gets covered and uncovered by the ribbon. This is the ribbon reverse trip mechanism.) Replace the spool cover, making sure not to block the gap for the ribbon reverse mechanism.

I hope the above makes sense. My first typewriter was a Remington portable and I didn't understand the Remington spool issue until a repairman explained it to me.

Don't think in terms of value with regard to these typewriters and you'll be a lot happier! Standard machines, especially, don't command high prices. People like the portables more.


12-5-2018 14:34:09  #725

Re: New Member Thread

Wow, thanks for your invaluable input. The ribbon which I have I don't think is correct, so I will just need to watch out while typing to flip the switch to reverse the ribbon direction before it gets to the end. People are asking rediculous prices for old machines in this country, up to  $200, crazy! You are right, it's not about the value, I love the mechanical workings and in fact find the desk top types much more attractive than the portables. I've noticed a few Remington 10s also available here, with most of them marked as rebuilt by remington. As a working machine I prefer the 17, which to me is also very attractive. I'm not sure which model exactly the Underwood is, but yes it seems to be much ealier than my Remington. I am not going to up my bid of $50, hold thumbs for me, I'm hoping to get it! Thanks again for all your input, as I am a serious rookie at this new interest, which has me facinated and engaged! Kind Regards


16-5-2018 12:28:05  #726

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome Sergiu and Trevor!

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