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Standard Typewriters » Late model R.C. Allen » 16-12-2014 10:10:50

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If I may jump in on this conversatoin, I recently have discovered RC Allens.  I'm interested in them, especially the fonts available on the Visomatic. I picked up a model 600 from 1952 at an antique store last week that needs a bit of love and its going to look that way for a while. How do you like your machines after getting them up and running?  Do you see them for sale often?  I've found a few online, but nothing terribly close to where I live.  What would you say they are worth?  I don't want to overspend, though its all in the price one is willing to pay, I suppose...

Maintenance & Repairs » Tippa S » 15-12-2014 20:04:09

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Alright here are some pictures.  I didn't want to post video, so I took pictures of what I could.

J key sticks with 8:
Escapement intact:

1. carriage skips with space
2. carriage doesn't always advance with keystroke
3. spacing makes the hammer "jump"
4. pressing j makes the j and 8 try to strike, but can't.
5. + hammer falls off the pad after strike
6. pressing * makes multiple keys "jump"
7. keys don't sit evenly

Maintenance & Repairs » Tippa S » 12-12-2014 09:23:21

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I'll get some pictures up soon.  You're right the platten is still good. I'm working on a few other machines so I get them all confused. 

I have the machine out of the case, but can't figure out how to get at anything further.

Thanks for your help!                     

Type Talk » New Member Thread » 12-12-2014 09:19:31

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Hello, My name is Elise.  I'm new to collecting and fixing typewriters.  My first typewriter I got in May this year.  It is a Spanish Olympia SG1.  Its in great condition so I haven't had to fix anything.  I have acquired a few other fixer uppers: Remington Rand, Corona Standard, Adler Tippa S, and Underwood Master Touch 5. My dad has an old LC Smith 8 waiting for me when I visit too.

I'm not a writer.  I just like the sound and feel of the machines, as well as the look and the typefaces.  I have an afinity for foreign language so of course I prefer those machines over English, especially German type.

My grandfather wrote and refused to use computers. Luckily I am inheriting his typewriters, so I know they will still have a good home.  I think 2 are Underwoods, one Royal, and maybe a Corona. They were almost donated!!!! I'm excited to get them out on display and channel his creative energy. 

I'm here to learn more about typewriters, in general, and to improve my repairing skills.  I'm a crafty woman, but machines and gears are new to me.   

Maintenance & Repairs » Tippa S » 11-12-2014 10:44:29

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Hello, I'm new here. Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

I'm new to typewriters and collecting.  My first is an Olympia SG3 from an estate sale.  It is in amazing condition and looks to be a Spanish keyboard, which is cool. 

So since I'm in love, I jumped in with both feet.  I've gotten a few typewriters from Goodwill that need a little love. One, cause they are cheaper, and two so I can learn.  One of these babies is an Adler Tippa S.  I love the sleek look and that its a portable, but it has some problem and I'm not sure if it is worth the time or $ to fix. 

The carriage skips and sticks
The platten is shot
They keyboard keys don't sit even and consistent.

It is such a small machine, I can't figure out how to get in there and tinker around. It is also a later model, from the '70s I'm guessing. 

What are your thoughts?


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