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Type Talk » What is THIS?! » 17-12-2015 16:07:52

P.S. The one on eBay is obviously missing the lower rails that would allow vertical movement.

Type Talk » What is THIS?! » 17-12-2015 16:00:31

Here ya' go! According to "The Collectors Guide To Antique Typewriters" it is indeed a book typewriter. Although I thought 'One-Between-Two' was very clever!


Typewriter Photo Galleries » The American Gallery » 17-12-2015 15:46:02

BangoDeschain wrote:

1946 Underwood Universal Portable
(Any recommendations on a metal polish for the shiny bits?) Still have some work ahead of me, but I'm looking forward to it! Bango

I use Flitz Metal Polish. Gentle and it does the job nicely. Nice looking Universal. My advice after reading your test typing: Stay out of hotel management. (=

Best regards,


Standard Typewriters » Royal KHM 1938 » 12-12-2015 20:30:10

TypewriterGuy wrote:

Well, I don't have a KHM yet, but I have a Royal 10 I got for $60, and it has the double windows...
Id keep your KHM though, they look really nice when cleaned up. Don't forget, its from the Netherlands, so theres something special about it

If the Royal 5s and early Royal 10s were Art Nouveau in style, the KHMs were the "standard" (pun intended) for
streamline Art Deco influence. I intend to keep my KHM. They were not produced in great numbers (by Royal standards) and most of those I've come across were better used for parts machines.

Love those dual pane 10s as well. Enjoy yours.

Standard Typewriters » Royal KHM 1938 » 10-12-2015 23:18:01

That (1936 KHM in pics) is the nicest one I've seen.

I love KHMs. They are not as abundant as you might think. I marvel at the finish on them. It is so durable they should use it on tanks! I've had four. They type fast and solid.

Early Typewriters » Thinking about scanning an 1896 Typewriter Company Catalog » 30-11-2015 17:09:53

Fantastic information. Thanks!
I'm amazed at the steep prices for typewriters! $100 for many of the typewriters being sold. That's roughly 20% of the average annual earnings of the American worker in 1890. Still, $100 for a Williams . . . .
I wonder if they're still taking orders? (=

Typewriter Photo Galleries » The American Gallery » 28-11-2015 23:59:17

1916 Royal 10. It took me a long time to find an early machine with the elegant, but short-lived, pin striping in this condition. The articulated, mechanical paper guide and the paper table are a nice touch.

Standard Typewriters » Royal Typewriter Acronyms » 27-11-2015 11:55:12

Great info from dukedford. Thanks!

I stumbled across this article that goes into detail on the KMM, it's design departures from previous models, patent dates, etc. As a big Royal fan I found it interesting and informative.

Typewriter Photo Galleries » Show Us Your Restoration Before & After Photos » 27-11-2015 11:45:03

Valiant wrote:

Did you have the keys re-plated / re-chromed?

Thanks! Nothing was replated, although I did replace two nickel/chrome covers. The keys (and everything else) were painstakingly cleaned by hand using 000 steel wool, Flitz metal polish, and pencil erasers for the key tops. I also replaced the ribbon vibrator (looked like a piece of debris from the Roswell crash site), reattached two type slugs, straightened bent key levers (they were in shapes/positions envied by yoga masters), endlessly adjusted the bi chrome until it worked perfectly, and on and on. The bi chrome unit was a real pain because in order to test it you have to reassemble the machine, type, disassemble, adjust, repeat. Fortunately, the frame was intact and the unobtainable decals on the back (patent dates and offensive beer slogans) were complete. Decals on the lower front strap (No 5 Underwood Standard Typewriter No 5 and the paper table decals were replaced)

Best regards,



Typewriter Photo Galleries » Show Us Your Restoration Before & After Photos » 25-11-2015 21:56:15

Terribly sorry. I accidentally deleted a pic and I don't see a way to edit my post so:

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