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Maintenance & Repairs » Adler Junior 3 Platen Removal » 29-6-2017 06:14:25

I'm not the owner of one of these typers, but well done for working it out.
Sometimes it just takes a bit of time, thought and effort (especially with older machines).


The World of Typewriters » New, historic typewriter blog » 27-6-2017 04:21:43

Hello Will,

A nice bit of work. Interesting about the grey Underwood 5's. I look forward to more posts on there.
Keep it up.

Type Talk » IMPORTANT - Forum Issues » 06-3-2017 09:45:03

I have experienced no problems here. Windows 10 / Explorer / Windows Defender.


Early Typewriters » Wooden spacebar? » 20-2-2017 04:44:12


I personally left my wooden spacebar'd typers as is so that I can imagine the number of people who may have used it and the history that it has lived through. Who knows what may have been typed and who by.
It always seems a shame to me to lose the possible history connected to an object that was probably so personal to someone.
Only my personal feelings, so do what feels right for you.


Maintenance & Repairs » Ribbons » 10-2-2017 03:57:17

Hi Joe,

As I don't know where you are located a bit difficult to recommend someone, however if you are in or near the UK I can recommend  Prices are good and the service is good.


Early Typewriters » Wide ribbon? » 22-11-2016 09:56:22

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Hello there,

Have a look at the bottom of this page for wider ribbons.
I brought one of the 1" ribbons to go on my Remington 7. It isn't quite wide enough, but if you make a spacer to fill in the gap it will work on the original spools (it can get very messy trying to get is sorted out, so wear plastic gloves !!).
Good Luck with it.


Type Talk » Western Union Underwood On Shopgoodwill. » 17-11-2016 10:19:50

Looks like keys are pressed down to me, so type bars are probably locked together near the platen.
Of course I could be wrong !!


Maintenance & Repairs » SG1 shift problem - I've looked everywhere for an answer! » 17-11-2016 09:23:38

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Hi Beak,

This may seem like a really dumb reply, but i'm gonna post it anyway. I don't know that typer but.....
How are the feet / legs on it ? It occurs to me that if the whole machine is tilting forward and in-balancing the mechanism, a small tilt backwards would put things back into balance and everything would work properly.
If you tilt the typer slightly backward with a wad of paper under the front feet does it all work properly?
Does this make any sense and does it cure the issue?


Maintenance & Repairs » Imperial B Typeface removal » 08-11-2016 05:59:11

Hi Krilooo,

You're welcome !!
Nice typer there, such a wonderful design and great pictures.

Type Talk » How far would you go with cleaning? » 04-11-2016 10:09:10

Hello All,

Regarding this, I personally like to leave a bit of my typewriters history on my typewriters (as well as the other things that I collect / repair). I feel that if I clean and restore anything to the point of being 'New' it defeats the point of having and caring for anything old. Why have something which has lasted so well for so long if you can basically have a 'New' one ?
Why bother to carefully clean and restore a 500 year old picture if you can get someone to paint a new one - because it's history that it carries with it is important.
I would clean and repair to the point where things look neat and work, but by no means try to get my stuff back to 'Just left the factory' look and feel.
I'm sure other people have totally different feeling about this stuff, but there you go.


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