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Maintenance & Repairs » Olympia SM9 Platen Knob Screws » 24-2-2023 08:42:12

The thing is, I have only been able to locate one such screw on the righthand platen collar. I know there must be at least one other but I cannot find it. Here's a new picture link that may serve better:

Maintenance & Repairs » Olympia SM9 Platen Knob Screws » 23-2-2023 17:56:26

Perhaps these will be more useful:

Maintenance & Repairs » Olympia SM9 Platen Knob Screws » 23-2-2023 17:50:36

Having recently acquired an entirely new platen for a 1967 Olympia SM-9, I began what ought to be a simple removal of the old unit in order to replace it with the new one. Thus far I have managed to remove the left hand platen knob (A). Please see photos.
As for the right hand knob (C), I have only been able to locate a single screw (B) that fastens it to its normal position. Being accustomed to working on SM-3s in the past, I do not believe that I have yet reached the point where I can draw the right knob along with its part of the platen rod out because it continues to turn the platen with it in the normal ratcheting motion.
Perhaps there is a second or third such screw as (B) that I have missed? I wonder if any of you may be more familiar.


Standard Typewriters » Lexicon 80 Testimonials » 26-1-2023 16:33:07

Uwe wrote:

You buy the Olivetti for its looks, and the Olympia for its performance.

That seems to be the conclusion, if not the one I wanted. Thank you all for your comments. Perhaps the SG club will soon see another member in its ranks.

Standard Typewriters » Lexicon 80 Testimonials » 24-1-2023 20:59:13

Pete E. wrote:

lovely to admire.  

I've always thought so. 

Standard Typewriters » Lexicon 80 Testimonials » 24-1-2023 20:55:34

Laurenz van Gaalen wrote:

performance wise I find the Lexikon no match for my SG3.

Thank you. Which features do you find the SG series to have mastered in comparison to the Lexicon? I've considered acquiring the former before the latter but beyond previous experience with the SMs and the Letterra 32, I can't pose a reason why. 

Standard Typewriters » Lexicon 80 Testimonials » 23-1-2023 23:32:21

Despite its prevalence among European and Brazillian typists, thorough reviews of the Lexicon are sparse. As its beauty is already self-evident, I wonder if those who have experience with this machine can demystify its functional performance as a standard typewriter. 

Please mention any aspect (touch, carriage movement, general mechanics, etc.) and make any comparisons (particularly with contemporaries i.e. the Olympia SG-1) that you find relevant. Is the Lexicon 80 a worthy writing instrument?


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