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Maintenance & Repairs » Hermes Baby - How do I attach the drawband to the mainspring drum? » 29-2-2016 21:50:25

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Greetings fellow typewriter enthusiasts,

I'd like to know if you could help with a certain issue, which I suppose you've already guessed from this topic's name.

I own an orange Hermes Baby, made in Brazil, that I got from my father a pair months ago.

The first days I manipulated this machine everything seemed to go pretty well. Now, I'm not an expert nor have I studied enough about this cautivating hobby to master the use of this devices, but those first days it felt like there was nothing wrong going on.

Then the carriage started to jam at a certain point as I was typying, and the space bar couldn't get to move it to the direction it's supposed to. With clumsy curiosity I checked what I could and investigated about this issue on the internet. The conclusion: the drawband wasn't right.

The mainspring drum drawband's end seemed to have unattached itself.

I got myself some fishing line to replace it, but when I put my attention on the mainspring drum I was astonished. I couldn't figure out HOW to attach my new drawband onto it. I didn't find any space between the drum and the spring (the keyhole shaped hole on the image below)

So, my question to you is, how do I do it? I'm perplexed and afraid to force anything damaging my typewriter in the process.

I think this is a very very very basic knowledge on typewriter repair/restoration, but it does beat me.

I'd thank your very much if you could lend me a hand on this little issue of mine,
and I'm looking forward to your answers.

(English isn't my native language, so please excuse me if my grammar is too annoying)

Typewriter Photo Galleries » Show Us Your Restoration Before & After Photos » 29-2-2016 21:48:48

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A really nice work done there. Congratulations.

Off-Topic » What Are You Listening To? » 29-2-2016 21:46:36

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Just listening to La Bala de Jorge González, a chilean tune, by Pedro Piedra.

Also, Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Narciso Yepes won't leave my head anytime soon.

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