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Standard Typewriters » Wanderer-Werke Continental 1912? » 13-5-2019 04:25:00

Uwe wrote:

50 € for a user manual is a lot of money (5 € would be my limit)! You could buy a typewriter - or two - with 50 €. If I was in the area again I would ask the seller if there was a mistake with the price.  

Thanks a lot UWE, I thought it was expensive, but as you said you did not have it, I assumed that it was not easy to find this model, so I thought maybe it was its price ... unfortunately it was not a mistake ..
thank you !

Standard Typewriters » Wanderer-Werke Continental 1912? » 03-4-2019 19:24:55

Oh, and yes, it is my intention to keep the machine in my family for a long time ...
Apparently everything works, but needs cleaning, lubrication, a full maintenance (around 100-120 euros maybe?)

Standard Typewriters » Wanderer-Werke Continental 1912? » 03-4-2019 19:20:53

Excuse me UWE, I have not been able to answer you before to thank you for your reply
Thank you very much for taking so much time to clarify our doubts ...

As for the history of Cuba, so close to that of Spain until recently ... part of my family left Spain for Havana in 1920, my great-grandfather and grandfather returned in the 30s (with the Continental) but other brothers of my grandfather stayed there, and some ended up in the USA, with the peculiarity that Spaniards were born, Cubans were nationalized in the 1930s and later died as newly nationalized Americans. (three countries in one life ...)
I copied a photo of another Cuban object that was with my great grandfather's things:
Is not it great?

Returning to the theme of the Continental, it is true, all these machines have had to be repaired or adjusted at some point ... cleaning mine I have seen that the bicolor upper rule is an underwood ....:
I suppose they would put it in some repair ...

And regarding the instruction manuals, it is curious that with all the machines that were manufactured are so rare ... I thought I saw one, of the continental standard, in Spanish, in a store in Madrid, but I think I asked for 50 euros and I thought it was expensive, should I go back running for it?

I put a couple of more photos of my machine, that after cleaning it I see it great ....

Thank you again and greetings to all the colleagues of the forum.

Standard Typewriters » Wanderer-Werke Continental 1912? » 22-3-2019 19:17:30

From here, I tried to find more information, first, the model, which apparently is a STANDARD ... according to what I could find ...
As for the serial number, I have seen in a couple of websites that the numbers were like this:
1904 400 units
1905 to 1700
1910 to 20,000
1911 up to 40,000
1912 up to 55,000
1914 up to 80,000
1934 up to 500,000
According to these data there would be little doubt, it would be 1912 if it is a Standard ...
But I also read that before going to Siegmar's factory they were in Chemnitz (I think Siegmar started making machines in 1927)
With all this I infer that my machine should be after 1927 according to the label and 1912 if I trust the serial number ...?
Well, looking for other similar on the web, I found one, with serial number after mine, 76600 (1914?) That is still manufactured in Chemnitz (at least that puts on the front ...) and another really similar, (with different drawing on the front,) with number 16100 (1910?) also manufactured in Chemnitz
On the other hand I see that all of the ones I've found in Google, if the front door has two handles is usually with the Chemnitz factory drawing, or something like that ... but I have not seen any with the phrase Siegmar Schonau and the two shooters,
The ones that I see more similar have two levers on both sides of the front door, and mine only has the one on the left ... very similar to the 16100
So I go to the experts to see if they can help me,
1.- Is it a normal Standard?
2.- Do you think it is from 1912 according to the serial number?
3.- The possible non-correspondence with the sign (after 1927 as I think ... I can be wrong) can come from a repair of the door? Or perhaps being a bit weird keyboard, being in Spanish, could have been manufactured in 1912, with lots for this language, and then pending to complete and put the door of the new model when it was effectively sold and finished assembling ... Maybe something like that?
4.- Would someone have a manual in Spanish or English?

Standard Typewriters » Wanderer-Werke Continental 1912? » 22-3-2019 19:14:21

Hello everyone, congratulations on your forum ..!
I registered here and I write to you because I recently inherited a typewriter from my grandfather's father, and I would like to know more about it; before bothering I looked a bit on the web, but the truth, I have not found anything definitive.
The typewriter is a Wanderer-Werke Siegmar-Schonau CONTINENTAL. With Spanish keyboard, QWERTY and has the letter Ñ.

According to the information that my grandfather gave me, his father brought this typewriter from Cuba to Spain in the 30s, (I do not know the date of purchase) and since then the typewriter has been in his house ...
The serial number, which is on the back of the machine is 49001.
So far what is objective ...

Type Talk » New Member Thread » 22-3-2019 18:40:24

Hi all !
My name is Carlos, I'm an architect and I live in Madrid, Spain, so I see very far from all of you ..
I've always had an interest in old things, and I've been more interested in mechanical items .. I have a small collection of old photo cameras, (and they are not expensive ...) my interests are based more on the times of Before the Second World War, half of my cameras are German from the 20s and 30s, although I also later tego Bakelite and some previous Kodak ...
With that prior interest in this kind of thing, I have come across an inheritance from an old typewriter and that is why I have come to you ... looking for information.
I will create another message to ask my questions ...
Thank you very much to everyone in advance, it's great that there are sites like this ....

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