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Maintenance & Repairs » Paper support rust removal » 16-8-2020 08:38:56

I would like to remove the surface rust on a steel paper-support. However, I would like to leave the painted markings on it intact. Does anyone have an idea how to remove the rust without affecting the black paint? Re-painting it myself afterwards is really not an option for me.

I must add that the markings are just painted on, not engraved/stamped and infilled, and the paint looks quite thinly applied and fragile. A few of the numbers are already a little faded. 

Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 09-8-2020 01:30:19

Phil_F_NM wrote:

The SM9 DeLuxe arrived today. In excellent condition, but I think no one had ever cleaned the type slugs, since 1966. There was a good amount of very hard ink clogging the slugs but that's cleaned now. After a few hours of cleaning here and there, removing the platen and rollers, hitting them with some rubber rejuvenator, it turned out to be a really nice machine. Typing on it is a bit loud though, in spite of the platen being nice and soft. It has a high pitched "thwack!" to each keystroke. I think that is partially because the platen is hollow and allowing the sound to resonate. I'm going to try using a couple sheets of paper to see if it quiets down. I'm just used to the sound of the Remington Noiseless 7, which is very nice. Anyway, Here's a link to a photo of the SM9 next to my SF.

Phil Forrest

Congratulation on that SM9. Looks like you’ve got a bit of a family reunion going on. The SM9’s are excellent machines, still looking for one with a wide carriage myself.  

Type Talk » Original list price? » 08-8-2020 11:04:19

Oh yes, by the way:
That would be about 1000 (1959 - 2020) for the Alpina and 1100 Dollars (1962 -2020) for the Erika respectively adjusted for inflation.
Not cheap.

Type Talk » Original list price? » 08-8-2020 10:52:23

Here is another.
Erika 10 in brown/beige
Price was 423 DM
It was purchased on the 20th of November 1962.

Type Talk » Original list price? » 08-8-2020 10:44:51

Literally just found this online.
Original receipt for an Alpina SK 24
Apparently 360 DM
Now in the collum that describes the object that was bought, it says "Homeoffice", which I find a bit odd.

Standard Typewriters » SG Owners Club » 07-8-2020 16:00:54

Laurenz van Gaalen wrote:

I pay around 26 euro for a SM9 platen, 40 euro for a SG3 wide carriage platen (33cm).
Excluding VAT and shipping (I live nearby, so I bring and pick up the platens).

You can contact them via the page below, use the email address with the word 'rollen' in it.


Thanks man. I suppose it is no problem if I contact them in English? Would you mind posting a picture here of one of the platens you had done by them, just so I can get an idea of their work?


Standard Typewriters » SG Owners Club » 07-8-2020 07:44:07

Laurenz van Gaalen wrote:

AKB Longs in the Netherlands still recovers platens.
I have good experiences with them.

Can you give me any idea what its gonna cost me to send one there from Germany and have it re-done?

Standard Typewriters » SG Owners Club » 06-8-2020 13:54:53

For some reason I didn’t see this thread before now...
Olympia SG1
Serial number: 7-631522 from 1961
Its my most used manual and has been overhauled by an office machine mechanic from Hamburg. I hope to have the platen restored on it someday, but this is sadly very difficult in Germany.


Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 05-8-2020 13:02:35

Today my Olympia Splendid 99 arrived. Luckily It does not seem to have been damaged, and everything works like it is supposed to. Its condition is truly like-new, not a scratch on it. Even its platen still has a spring to it.
I must say, (even apart from the quite striking looks of this machine) this is by far the nicest ultra-portable I have ever used. Its key-action is fast and snappy. Bouncy like on a SM3 or 4. The machine is able to keep up with me even at full speed, which most ultra-portables fail to accomplish. It is pleasant to type on even for longer durations. All the controls feel solid and that carriage glides very smoothly and completely silently along. The print is exceptionally clear.
The only thing I dislike about it is the sound it produces while writing, which is very hollow and rattly. It Is also quite loud, but then again, most ultra-portables are. This is reduced greatly however by using a felt-mat.
Overall, I am very pleased, and I believe this machine will replace my 1954 Hermes Baby as my new on-the-go machine. The baby doesn’t stand a chance.

Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » 05-8-2020 10:25:59

Uwe wrote:

I've got a 35 and a 50/51, and I'd trade both for the 40. You never know what will turn up; if there's one thing I've learned from buying typewriters, it's patience. Another is that very few want electrics, so there isn't the same demand and the prices haven't been artificially pushed through the roof.

I’m right now looking at an SGE 30. It seems to be in great shape; however, it’s located in Bavaria. I live on the other end of Germany. It might not be a 40, but its internals and exterior design is mostly the same.

I phoned an office machine repairman I know. His opinion was that the SGE 30/40 are rugged machines that would survive shipping as long as it’s well packed and the carriage is fixated. ​Do you think I should risk having it shipped?


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