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Accessories » FS: Cold Hard Type I: Paradigm Shifts » 12-1-2021 08:52:16

Thank you, Repartee! Looks like I put a stray period at the end of that URL.

Here are URLs for the other books in the series:


The World of Typewriters » Dead Keys: Typewritten Tales of Terror » 30-10-2020 21:38:49

Contribute to a new anthology that mixes typewriters and horror! Deadline: March 1, 2021.

All the details  are here:

The World of Typewriters » Call for submissions: BACKSPACES » 25-11-2019 15:55:58

Announcing Cold Hard Type III: BACKSPACES: Typewritten Tales of Time TravelWhat if you could travel back into the heyday of typewriters? The stories in this anthology will explore that question.  Deadline for submissions: March 15, 2020
 More information at:

Accessories » FS: Cold Hard Type II: Escapements » 01-6-2019 09:14:13

The second volume of COLD HARD TYPE is now available! I am glad to present Escapements: Typewritten Tales from Post-Digital Worlds. 

With no digital technology, the world can be a harsh place—and a surprising one. Whatever happens, our typewriters will be there to document it. Imagine the possibilities in this collection of stories, poems, and art.

This volume includes contributions by Wendell Berry, Jenny Bristol, Rory Bristol, Ariana Davenport, Shelley K. Davenport, Jamie Davies, Frederic S. Durbin, Mathilda-Anne Florence, N. E. Glenn, Martyn V. Halm, Lori Hedges, John Howell, Scott Kernaghan, Shane L. Larson, Timothy Ley, LA Marler, Todd Mauldin, C. M. Mayo, Andrew V. McFeaters, Bill Meissner, Klaus Mielke, Eliezane Moon, Duane Morrison, John Munroe, Christopher Ochs, David W. Pedersen, Jim Pennington, Monica Quinn, Kim e. Revay, Charly Roland, Andre Gene Samson, Philip L. Simpson, Maria Tolentino, Armando Warner, and Donald Winzer.

You can purchase Escapements on Amazon now

Accessories » FS: Cold Hard Type I: Paradigm Shifts » 30-5-2019 12:16:10

I'm delighted to announce the publication of Paradigm Shifts: Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse. The stories in this book envision a future where digital tech is going or gone, and typewriters are back. Not just that, but all text in the volume was actually written on typewriters.This first volume of the COLD HARD TYPE project includes contributions by Linda M. Au, Wendell Berry, David G. Brechbiel, Valentine J. Brkich, Catalina Cariaga, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Frederic S. Durbin, Trinity Grau, Kristofferson Harris, Arkadiusz Hubczuk, Michael Kitchen, Steve Kuterescz, Jos Legrand, Bill Meissner, R. J. Montgomery, Vinny Negron, Robert Neuwirth, Erich J. Noack, Reine Nust, Carol Ochs, Christopher Ochs, Joey Patrickt, Cornelia Penner, Mark Petersen, Richard Polt, Aaron Schmidt, Nutthawut Siridejchai, Charles Sterrow, Istvan Takacs, Joe Van Cleave, Armando Warner, Matthew Weaver, and Brian Zimmerman.The second volume, Escapements, should be ready in a few days.You can purchase Paradigm Shifts on Amazon now: As promised, we have kept the price to a bare minimum. This means no profits for anyone involved, but it will also help to broaden the audience for this unique collection.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project, promoted it, and submitted work to it. Enjoy!Richard Polt

Regional Events » "California Typewriter" event in Chicago 9/29 » 24-9-2017 10:27:13

How the heck do you delete posts on this forum?

Regional Events » "California Typewriter" event in Chicago 9/29 » 24-9-2017 10:19:41

CORRECTION: The event is on Saturday, Septe. 30!! Movie opens 9/29, event on 9/30 at the 4:15 show.

Regional Events » "California Typewriter" event in Chicago 9/29 » 24-9-2017 10:11:15

"California Typewriter" opens at Chicago's Music Box Theatre on Friday, Sept. 29 ( I'll be there for the 4:15 show along with collector Martin Howard (, poet Eric Plattner (, and repairman Arthur Wagner ( I'll have books to sign before and after the show, and you can win a Brother donated by Eric. Be there, City of the Big Shoulders and Strong Fingers! 

Regional Events » "California Typewriter" in Cleveland 9/22 with Polt & Davises » 19-9-2017 08:15:17

"California Typewriter" opens this Friday, September 22, at the Cedar Lee Theater at 2163 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights. After the 7:15 show, I'll be there to take questions along with Clevelanders Will and Dave Davis. Will is the creator of an amazing set of typewriter websites that has been very influential in opening people's eyes to modern portables and other machines. He and his brother Dave are the authors of the blog Davis Typewriter Works, and Will recently started the blog On the Margin, about rebuilt typewriters.I'll have signed copies of my book, The Typewriter Revolution, available at a good price.I'm also bringing a Smith-Corona Silent-Super from my own collection that has a special Yes/No type slug. The theater is sponsoring a free sweepstakes with this machine as the prize. It will come with a typed, signed copy of The Typewriter Manifesto. Enter the sweepstakes by September 28. You will need to pick up the typewriter in Cleveland, of course. I'll be in Chicago the following weekend — more details on that event as they become available.

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