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Off-Topic » Typing in a COVID-19 World » 28-3-2020 16:11:06

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Very new here but thought I'd share my experience anyway.

I'm an artist and poet in Portland, Oregon and due to our proximity to Seattle/confirmed cases in Oregon things have changed pretty dramatically. It does feel bleak and can sometimes be overwhelming -- especially for someone with chronic health problems such as myself who are high risk. 

Most store are shut down / reduced to limited hours with limited number of people allowed in the building at a time to encourage both people to stay home and to allow for proper distancing when you have to go out (think grocery stores, banks, etc). Myself and most of my friends/family have been either laid off or zero-houred at their jobs with the exception of my partner who works at a grocery store deemed a necessary service and is currently getting a small bonus on his paychecks but not enough to really make up for me losing my income (baker at a pastry shop/cafe and since I was hired not too long ago I was the first to be let go)

As for the supermarket hoarding that has definitely been an issue here. I recommend looking for asian grocers in your area who likely are not sold out (thanks racism) and where we have been buying our groceries from. Things that will be sold out regardless where you shop here: rice, beans, toilet paper, cleaning products, hand sanitizer, and wipes.

I've been using my time to focus on home projects (like my typewriter) and trying to soothe myself and others through my work, both writing and art. I started a small poetry by mail project called The Poesy Post when friends/internet folks can send me their address and I post them a letter of a couple poems and ephemera like stickers or cool vintage papers. I think it's most important at this time to nourish our communities as much as we can. I've also been baking at home more and offering to bake things for people and deliver them to their house (drop off on porch or similar no-contact) to again support my community as much as I can.

Portland is

Maintenance & Repairs » red bottom alignment help 1962 Skyriter » 28-3-2020 13:57:50

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Thank y'all for your help!

Here's where we're at now after screw loosening/tightening from Sky's advice

Worth noting when I got under there, I found out one of the tightening nuts was missing (see pic)

I have also now loosed the lowercase screw as far as it can go and still get slight haloing on tailed letters 

Might have to do some more adjusting like in the youtube tutorial shared eventually (don't currently have enough small tools/correct tools to perform properly) or perhaps when the pandemic ends I can take it into a shop for a full clean/tune-up but at least now it's type smoothly and legibly!!!

Maintenance & Repairs » red bottom alignment help 1962 Skyriter » 27-3-2020 11:35:02

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I just got my first typewriter it's a 1962 Skywriter in pretty good shape just looks a little dirty/dusty and seems to work really well with the except of an alignment issue causing the bottoms to be red/light. 

Tried looking around the internet for some help and found some tutorials for fixing this issue on other models but since I'm new to the game I'm leary of a DIY repair without having model specific instructions -- can anyone point me in the right direction?

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