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Portable Typewriters » Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia... » 25-2-2024 20:59:51

Pete E. wrote:

Hi George,

Here is a paint-job that I am probably not brave enough to pull off...


Might as well go complete Piet Mondrian;

Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 14-10-2021 20:56:58

Gabby Johnson
Replies: 1977

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My first Remington -- a Standard from 1956 -- showed up yesterday at my favorite thrift store. 
Spent the afternoon doing some light cleaning and installing a new ribbon, a unique experience given this machine's permanent spools. It types fine with great alignment. Next I'll have to fashion something for the missing  knobs on the tension and color selection levers. Looking for some 1/4-inch copper or aluminum rod.

Maintenance & Repairs » SCM Classic 12 cork rebound strip » 18-3-2021 09:39:56

skywatcher wrote:

Hi Again

Just a quick clarification. Are we talking about the semi-circular type bar rest in the type basket or the straight key lever stop that keeps all the keys level? All the best,


Sorry for the delay... I'm talking the straight key lever stop. 
It's so deep in there I can't even visualize how to fix it.

Maintenance & Repairs » Smith Corona “Flat Top” Snapped Mainspring » 25-2-2021 07:28:04

I did a mid-spring break repair on a QDL by heating the broken ends with a torch, bending both so they interlock, then cold-pressing them together in a vise. I can't make any claim for longevity of the repair under heavy use, but it did seem to work.

Maintenance & Repairs » SCM Classic 12 cork rebound strip » 17-1-2021 13:51:38

The key rebound cork strip on my Classic 12 has become dislodged, and as it is deep in the key mechanisms I'm having trouble even assessing the problem much less fixing it. I can see no easy way to access it.
Has anyone encountered and solved this problem? Or would I be better off just removing the cork strip?

Typewriter Paraphernalia » Purpose of a Typewriter Pad? » 29-12-2020 08:06:13

Alas, Rubbermaid no longer makes them.

Typewriter Paraphernalia » Backing paper for old platens » 17-10-2020 06:53:28

I use clear vinyl cut to A4 size as a backing sheet. You can get various thicknesses at a craft store, inexpensive and sold by the yard. 

Type Talk » Grandfather with a typewriter » 03-3-2020 11:38:37

Crushed cigarette ashes are a great dry lubricant for the segment, didn't ya know?
(Especially after a swig.

Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » 01-5-2019 07:59:28

Gabby Johnson
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noahwrote wrote:

Here is an interesting Olympia Traveller with nautical/maritime signs and NATO call letters painted on it.

Interesting. It appears to have been professionally done via silkscreening. Could it have been a one-off sample from the factory, since the seller is in Belgrade? Or perhaps some limited edition swag for a yachting or NATO event?
It any case, if you're not a touch-typer you'd have to learn the international signal flags to use it.

Maintenance & Repairs » Selectric III -- No going back » 01-2-2019 18:41:14

On further investigation, both the exp and return keys initiate a low humming noise, indicating to me something, somewhere is not engaging as it should. I can't precisely locate the source of the hum.
Pressing the exp and/or return keys also causes the letter keys to lose function, which can be regained by hitting the tab key.

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