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Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » 01-5-2019 07:59:28

Gabby Johnson
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noahwrote wrote:

Here is an interesting Olympia Traveller with nautical/maritime signs and NATO call letters painted on it.

Interesting. It appears to have been professionally done via silkscreening. Could it have been a one-off sample from the factory, since the seller is in Belgrade? Or perhaps some limited edition swag for a yachting or NATO event?
It any case, if you're not a touch-typer you'd have to learn the international signal flags to use it.

Maintenance & Repairs » Selectric III -- No going back » 01-2-2019 18:41:14

On further investigation, both the exp and return keys initiate a low humming noise, indicating to me something, somewhere is not engaging as it should. I can't precisely locate the source of the hum.
Pressing the exp and/or return keys also causes the letter keys to lose function, which can be regained by hitting the tab key.

Maintenance & Repairs » Selectric III -- No going back » 27-1-2019 18:00:45

I just got a Selectric III that appears to have been well cared for and types great, but neither the carriage return nor the express functions work. The correction key does move it to the left.
I thought I'd check here for advice on what I should be looking for before diving into it.
On a curious side note, I was listening to the radio while playing with the IBM and it puts out loud radio interference when the typewriter is plugged in and turned off, but the interference clears up when the typewriter is switched on. Seems like it should be the other way around.

Portable Typewriters » Disco-era Olympia SF » 18-11-2018 18:15:05

I know it looks like a toy (maybe that's why is was priced so low) but I am quite impressed. The type alignment and impressions are close to a Selectric in precision and quality. And yes, the case looks much better than the machine.
Definitely a "keeper."

Portable Typewriters » Disco-era Olympia SF » 17-11-2018 13:43:26

Saw this at a thrift store this week and couldn't pass it up for $2.99.
I was certainly surprised when I got it home that despite its toy-like appearance the typing feel and print alignment and quality are first-rate, once I got the ribbon threaded correctly. Serial No. is 15-1958772.
The build them good in (West) Germany.

Maintenance & Repairs » Low mainspring tension in QDL » 12-11-2018 10:47:27

Oh, I won't give up on this beauty!

Maintenance & Repairs » Low mainspring tension in QDL » 12-11-2018 07:33:04

Alas, this spring broke smack-dab in the middle.
I suppose any attempt to spot weld or rivet the two pieces together would be for naught, due to the nature of spring steel. 
So I begin the long search for a replacement...

Maintenance & Repairs » Low mainspring tension in QDL » 11-11-2018 17:21:06

Alas, my spring is broken -- a shame as this Royal is in excellent condition otherwise.
While a search for a new drum, has anyone had success mending a spring by spot welding or with rivets? I am without experience working with spring steel and wonder if heat or drilling would make the effort useless.

Maintenance & Repairs » Low mainspring tension in QDL » 04-11-2018 07:23:22

While cleaning, my 1939 QDL developed low spring tension that now only moves the carriage about halfway before running out of steam.
When I try to rewind the spring drum, the spring tightens for like three turns then slips back inside the drum.
Before I remove the drum to investigate I thought I better ask for an assessment.

Maintenance & Repairs » Sticky ribbon vibrator on Royal Quiet DeLuxe » 10-9-2017 20:32:13

I've lost count of the number of cleanings I've performed on my QDL -- spritzing with lacquer thinner on sunny days in my yard -- but eventually I did remove decades of crud and it's working properly.
When dealing with gunk, persistence pays off. Eventually.
We've all grown up in an era when we're promised instant cures, instant answers, but sometimes you just have to doggedly attack a problem with the most likely solution. 

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