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Type Talk » New Member Thread » 05-12-2013 21:38:46

norbert mars
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I started writing (for my own amusement) as a ten-year-old in the 1970s on my Dad's old Brother portable.  A variety of typewriters, computers, laptops and tablets later, I dug the original Brother out again.  It's in need of restoration, and working on it I've got fascinated with the mechanics of typewriters. 

Consequently I've started collecting typewriters - affordable ones - in the hope of finding the magic of typing on an old typewriter again, and/or bringing a machine back to life.

My pride and joy is a Remington Portable #2 from August 1926, and I'm currently basking in the glory of putting a new drawstring on an Imperial Good Companion #4 from 1960 this evening.

I dream of getting hold of a Corona #3, but so far I've been outbid on every eBay auction.

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