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Off-Topic » What hobbies do you have? » 03-7-2018 19:43:28

My  hobbies include typing, reading, and various other sundries. I am currently writing a history of the 56th Infantry Battalion of the Australian Imperial Force in WW1, the unit with which my great-granduncle saw combat and was killed in action. ( Sorry for the gloom...) I also own my grandfather's old 35mm film camera, constantly armed with a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 black and white negative film. I do not develop my own film... yet!

Portable Typewriters » Olympia SM2s Vs. SM3/4s - does anyone notice a difference? » 03-7-2018 19:08:08

Now that I think about it, I realise that the tabs on my SM4 were in need of repair when I wrote that post!

Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 03-7-2018 19:04:36

I felt a bit guilty about not posting for  a while, and, to add to that, I have not bought a new machine since 
Jan of 2018, so, that is what will have to do. My most recent purchase is a 1960 Olympia SM4. As I am typing this on my lunch break at school, I have not got the machine handy to check the serial number. It seems to be a great machine, although I think that even though $100 seemed to be a bit too much for a machine, I figured that it was worth it for an SM in the condition that it was in.

Portable Typewriters » Has anyone examined the new 'We R Memory Keepers' typewriter - UGH ! » 30-5-2018 22:03:23

To be honest, in my not-qualified opinion, these look alot like the Olympia SM. But, looks is not everything. The Olympia SM4 is by far the greatest machine that I have ever used, and, all I can say is that, while I live in Australia and have no access to the WRMK, I think that just by looking at it one can deduce the fact that it is of low quality.

Portable Typewriters » Has anyone examined the new 'We R Memory Keepers' typewriter - UGH ! » 22-5-2018 05:25:50

If anybody remembers that old post about a Remington being crushed by a hydraulic press, I would be willing to reenact that with a WRMK, as I think that it is not worthy of sale, and is a great disservice to all of the historic typewriter manufacturers.

Portable Typewriters » Ultraportable recommendation » 18-5-2018 01:02:50

I would suggest either a Smith-Corona Skyriter or a Hermes Baby/Rocket. These are both very high quality 
machines and should bring you great joy. I would steer clear of the Lettera 32, I noticed that you already owned one, but, ( and this could be a result of me buying a late and cheap Mexican one,) I personally have had some very bad expiriences, including the ribbon spools sanpping off in an unrepairable position.

Portable Typewriters » Olympia SM2s Vs. SM3/4s - does anyone notice a difference? » 17-5-2018 03:37:52

There are many differences. I own an SM4, and the tab stops on the sides of the space bar serve as clear and empirical evidence that there are differences. It seems that everybody has neglected to mention the fact that the SM4 has a device so as to allow you to bring up the paper support automatically. I am certain that if I discussed this with an Olympia engineer, they would no doubt be able to find some more internal differences between the types.

Portable Typewriters » Mounting portables on wall for display » 17-5-2018 02:24:52

Personally, I cannot condone this action, and had a small heart attack when I walked past a stationer's in my local mall that was trying to be "hip," and saw that they had placed some machines in their window. Upon further inspection, I thankfully noticed that these were infact paper cutouts. But, alas, I do not think that there could be any truly healthy method for the machines to be kept in working order on the wall.

Portable Typewriters » Hermes Baby versus Hermes Rocket... which do you like better? » 16-5-2018 16:43:26

While they are mechanically similar, I think the early Rockets get brownie points when it comes to looks.

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