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Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 15-12-2018 18:42:09

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Gosh, it's been almost a year since I've posted here. How time flies! Here are my 2018 acquisitions:

1930 Royal 10 (since sold)
1937 black Corona Sterling (giving away to my book editor)
1920 Oliver 9 in pieces: rebuilt, painted red and traded away
1923 Oliver 11 (black)
1905 Oliver 3 (in ROUGH shape)
1905 Oliver 5 (wide carriage) 
1939 Continental portable (since sold) 
1943 Continental Standard (since sold)
1941 Continental Standard (since sold) 
1928 Underwood Four-Bank (from a friend)
1905 Remington Standard 7 (since fully disassembled and rebuilt)
1912 Harris Visible #4
1917 Corona 3 folding portable (since sold) 
1922 Corona 3 folding portable (since sold)
1956 Halda Portable (since sold)
1905 Remington Standard 6 (bought in a nor'easter, refurbished)
1889 Remington 2
1923 Remington Portable 1 (since given away)
1922 Remington Portable 1 (also given away)
189x Caligraph
1916 Remington/Smith Premier 10A
1892 Jewett
1896 Jewett 5
1905 Densmore 5
1896 Blickensderfer 5
1928 Triumph 10
1929 Royal P (Orange duo-tone with vogue typeface)
1934 Remington 16 (a Martin Tytell custom job, Russian typeface)
193? Russian-language Underwood 4-bank (should be delivered this week)
1905 Remington Standard 6 (new project machine, should get it by February)
1930s Burroughs 
1906 Remington Standard 7
1956 Varityper... 

Hmmmm. Writing it all out like this makes me think that I MIGHT have a typewriter problem! 

Type Talk » How many machines do you have? » 06-3-2018 10:02:58

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I've got 13 in my office, 5 at home, and 10 on my workbench. 
I think the exuberance phase wears off after a while, and the rate of acquisition does as well, once you've seen more of "everything" and have more of them, too. I mean, how many Underwood 5's do you really need?

Early Typewriters » Noiseless Model 1, the first of its name. » 12-1-2018 21:54:59

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Yup! They're quite a tank! 
I've been working on bringing mine back to life for a while. (Still working on the escapement/backspace issue.) Discussed here:
And I believe Uwe posted some glorious photos of one of his around here somewhere. More history here, and elsewhere:

Type Talk » Are prices going up? » 03-1-2018 16:19:00

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I primarily stay with in-person deals that I can pick up locally or within a reasonable drive rather than order anything online and then have them ship. That said, only once have I ever paid over $100 for a machine--and that was for a Hammond in perfect condition. Maybe I'm slumming it, but I still don't usually ever pay more than $40 for a machine, and I can still afford to be rather picky. So to my mind, I really haven't seen prices go up much at all over the past few years. 

Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » 14-12-2017 07:41:19

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I prefer to buy the $20 "junk" that's out there in real need of refinishing and turn it into something nice. If it doesn't need to be refinished, I won't. That Smith Premier desk doesn't look too bad. Plus, those decals... 

Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » 13-12-2017 16:44:58

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Fleetwing wrote:

Someone with a Smith Premier totally needs this:

If I was anywhere near there, and had $250 to spare, I'd buy that up in a heartbeat! I love refinishing desks and other old-school office furniture! 

Early Typewriters » Smith Premier #4 Restoration Progress » 28-11-2017 21:30:02

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Say, TypewriterGuy:
After a months-long hiatus, I'm finally back working on reassembling my Smith Premier #4 after a thorough cleaning. I'm working on reattaching the carriage, and was wondering if you remember where the ball bearings go, and how you went about putting that all back together. 

My memory fades with time, and all I remember is that, when I was disassembling it, a few ball bearings fell out up there before I had any idea where exactly they came from. 

Any suggestions you might have would be most gratefully appreciated! 

Maintenance & Repairs » Noiseless Standard Escapement Issue » 26-11-2017 22:35:23

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Hi, Sky:

Thanks so much for the suggestions. When I ran out of denatured alcohol, I moved over to mineral spirits as part of the twice-daily treatment. And I'm happy to report that I finally got the thing unstuck! Now, the carriage is advancing when I hit the space bar and the keys. However, the backspace still doesn't work, nor will the carriage budge when using the carriage-return at the end of a line. (I have to release the carriage and then return it.) So I feel that any celebration is still a little premature. 

Again, I'm still very much learning as I go, but I'm assuming that the backspace mechanism is the the hook- or tooth-like mechanism on the far right of the 4th picture above--which still seems hopelessly rusted into place. So I'm going to keep at it, because it truly is a beautiful (and wonderfully complex!) machine. 

Resources » Has anyone been to this museum? » 25-11-2017 15:18:17

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It's about a half hour from where I live. 
And I never knew it existed until just now. 

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