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Maintenance & Repairs » Storage advice » 03-7-2017 16:35:19

Tea Typer
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Does anybody know who sells or makes dust covers that are at least 70cm x 40cm x 32cm?

Maintenance & Repairs » Olivetti M40 key maintenance » 02-7-2017 05:58:19

Tea Typer
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Got the typewriter working beautifully by removing the wooden board and applying oil on the right places. Amazing I didn't think of that before pulling apart half the machine. :|

Only issues remaining are the number 6 that need replacing and the case of the mystery spring.

Portable Typewriters » What are your thoughts on the Olivetti Studio 45? » 02-7-2017 05:46:16

Tea Typer
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It really depends how the previous owner has treated it. The Studio 45 can't handle abuse very well, but you don't have to be scared it will break down on you.

The state it is in the moment you purchase it, is the state it will remain having. That can be a positive or a negative, depending on your view point.

It really has a nice typing feel to it.

If you buy it through the internet, ask for detailed pictures of the suit case. I've tried out three Studio 45's and in my experience, the quality of them was comparable to how the case looked like.

Type Talk » On the subject of platen rubber » 01-7-2017 15:43:58

Tea Typer
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What is the consequence of having a too soft platen?

Maintenance & Repairs » Olivetti M40 key maintenance » 01-7-2017 11:35:16

Tea Typer
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Hello gents,

I've bought my first typewriter yesterday and although it is in great shape overall for an 77 year old; it has some issues with its keys

The 4,6 and T mechanics are rusty and the spacebar doesn't spring up. Furthermore, the entire number 6 slug has broken off. Anybody know how to fix this and/or knows were I can get a replacement "6" that is compatible with the machine.

I've uploaded a video showing them:
youtube  com/watch?v=U1riN61JL6w

Furthermore, after disassembling the upper carriage (trying to find the easiest way to the mechanism) this spring fell out of the machine.

imgur (dot) com/QeRCAif

Anybody knows where it should go, or have a general idea were to look for a missing spring?


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