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Type Talk » Composition of your typewriter collection » 22-2-2023 12:41:43

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1933 Royal ‘O’ Excellent condition
1941 Royal KMM Cosmetically perfect, carriage is binding suspect that it was damaged in shipping
1946 Royal Quiet DeLuxe salvaged, working well but needs some love
1948 Royal Quiet DeLuxe Very nice machine
1958 Smith- Corona Silent Super, alpine blue, cleaned up very well
1958 Remington Quiet-Riter,  was received upside down in the case, do packing BUT not a scratch.
1961 Olivetti Studio 44 perfect, even the case was spotless, nice typer
1961 Olympia SG-1 was a gift, like new, a beast but very nice in use
1965 Royal Mercury, cleaned up very nice
1969 Olympia SM-9 wide carriage, 12 cpi, old emblem with fabric covered case, excellent but musty
1969 Olympia SM-9 wide carriage, New emblem and international case (didn’t need two but $19?)
1971 Olivetti Studio 45, very clean but missing the paper supports ?
1978 Olympia SM-9, 10 cpi, my daily kitchen table typer
1978 Smith-Corona Coronet Super 12, the only electric, very clean
197x Smith Corona Classic 12, on the way, hoping for the best as I found out after the sale that they can not find the nice hard case..
I use them all in rotation, except the KMM .I have high hopes for that one. With the back rail off it functions, all keys, carriage moves, tab works. 

Maintenance & Repairs » What parts do you save when you “Part Out” a typewriter? » 22-2-2023 12:01:50

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I was gifted a Smith-Corona Vantage electric that was non functional and I could not find ribbon cassettes.I have had three machines of various makers that needed springs. That SCM had a pint jar of springs of all sizes. I respectfully dismantled the SCM and kept every spring, a ton of circlips. Some rods, two draw strings, a sheet of flat spring fingers, and the bell. I sent a message to my cousin and let her know that her mom's machine had donated some organs so that others could live.

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