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Maintenance & Repairs » Cork platen cleaning » 30-10-2017 16:11:44

I've never seen a cork platen. Do they hold up better than the rubber ones?

Type Talk » Postcards? » 30-10-2017 16:10:25

I've picked up quite a few postcards, but they don't play well with typewriters IMHO.
Their paper is too thick, making it hard to have them bend and rotate on the platen. When you type, it also just feels bad, like typing on a hardened platen; too harsh and jarring.
I still try, but now just use them if I know the postcard has a special connection to the person I'm sending it too, I don't want to send a full letter, or just use them for sketching/random art

Off-Topic » Fountain Pen Users Here? » 29-10-2017 13:32:59

I picked up some cheap fountain pens off of eBay. They look beautiful, but definitely not left handed friendly.

Looks like I'll stick to my typewriters ūüėČ

Portable Typewriters » Math professor's typewriter » 29-10-2017 13:27:20

Paradoxis wrote:

Oh my god, that math Olympia went for A DOLLAR AND SEVENTEEN CENTS AMERICAN?!!  Whoever got that is one lucky person.....
I know that my Coronet Super 12 has two type bars where the type can be switched out, and I think I have somewhere a little leaflet advertisement that showed all the different sorts of type sets that could be bought with four (maybe five?) interchangeables in each.  One for medical writing, one for mathematics, and one for engineering, I think.  There might be more sets, but I'm not certain.  I'll try looking for the thing and if I find it I'll post a picture

I've got all the sets. I picked up a couple keys from Craigslist a few years ago; then tracked down someone selling the sets on eBay. Think I got em for$16.

I've been wanting an apothecary machine for awhile (I'm a nurse), so the interchangeable keys were a cheap way to get one.

I ask have a Royal P Woodgrain with the mathematical keyboard.
Got it for$40 off shopgoodwill. They had horrible pictures of it, couldn't even tell it was a Royal, let alone a Woodgrain. I suspected it might be, so risked bidding.

Imagine my surprise when it was a Woodgrain in beautiful shape with the full math keys (pi, square root, etc)!

Type Talk » If you could only keep a five typewriters from your collection.... » 29-10-2017 13:14:10

Hermes 3000 cursive
Super Ghia cursive
Royal P Woodgrain with mathematical keys
Folding Corona 3
Underwood Woodgrain-green

Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » 29-10-2017 12:54:17

Replies: 209

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Just picked up a Corona 3 Folding. It has the bilateral FIG/CAPS keys, so probably from the later 1920's. The machine has no rust.  Keys on the left side are really sluggish/sticking, snappy on the right. Rubber feet have flattened and deformed into ugly little puddles and the platen is rock hard. 

The case is in good shape (not great). The clasp/lock is barely functional, I think some polishing with oil added to the mechanism should help out.

Should clean up beautifully. I usually do my own cleaning/maintenance on the basics... but I've been wanting a folding machine for years. I think I'll take it to Ace Typewriter here in Portland for a truly professional overhaul.

Portable Typewriters » Hermes Baby versus Hermes Rocket... which do you like better? » 26-7-2017 17:20:49

so which generation is your favorite?  TBH, I actually thought the baby was the older model and the Rocket the newer one.

Portable Typewriters » Hermes Baby versus Hermes Rocket... which do you like better? » 26-7-2017 15:25:40

kind of a trick question, kind of not.  I know there's aesthetic differences between years. I wasn't sure if the quality or features changed over time.

I was thinking along the lines of the Smith Corona Silents... same typerwriter, but different machines over time.

Portable Typewriters » Ultra-portables » 26-7-2017 14:44:19

I've had a couple of Brother Ultraportables. One was a Kmart model that ranks as the worst typewriter I ever owned (and the first typewriter I ever actually owned).

I currently have one that needed some work (I fixed it up using parts from a broken Monkey Ward (also a Brother) and it's now very usable. 

I would definitely recommend a Brother as an ultraportable too... although I'd be hesitant to try and write a novel on it. I think my Tippa or Skyriters (or perhaps a Hermes or Olympia - on my wishlist) would be better for an endeavor like that.

Portable Typewriters » Hermes Baby versus Hermes Rocket... which do you like better? » 26-7-2017 14:40:35

Okay, so of the two Hermes ultraportables, which one do you prefer?

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