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Maintenance & Repairs » Wanted: Lid for Underwood 378 » 16-8-2018 18:53:06

Found a nice working Underwood 378 at the local 2nd hand shop but its missing its lid.  

Anyone out there have a lead on replacement parts in the USA for this sort of thing and all make/model parts in general (for my other fixer-uppers)??


Type Talk » How many machines do you have? » 23-7-2018 21:01:07

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JeffMo74 wrote:

So I'm new to collecting (since December 2017) and I already have 20 machines. I was wondering how many machines most people have. Do you repair and keep them or do you repair and sell them? Do you have a favorite way of selling them (app, shop, craigslist, other)?  Asking for a friend. Well, that friend is my wife. She thinks I'm nuts.

Sub-topic: All-time favorite machine you have ever owned and why.

Jeff:  I feel your pain/ecstasy... I've been collecting since 2015.  I "hid" them in the garage for the first two years but I had to "come out" last year when my husband finally noticed.  HA.   The only way I could continue to get away with it was say I was going into business and I started an online shop and began cleaning and servicing my treasures.  Its been quite a ride.  I own about 30 at this time, have sold a dozen since the start of 2018.  My main challenge is finding parts - I have yet to find a supplier for manual typewriter parts in the U.S. and the nearest typewriter repair shop is 2 hours away.  
Favorite machine (so far):  1950 Smith Corona Silent - as solid as they get, more reliable for me than the Clipper and Silent Super
Best of luck to you!  (Tell the wife she can chat with my husband if she wants to compare notes on crazy)  

Maintenance & Repairs » How do I adjust: Olympia SM3 Carriage Return Lever hitting the lid? » 21-6-2018 22:22:21

SoucekFan wrote:

closetwriter wrote:

Second, where are these washers being placed?

Here is a blog post with pictures showing where the washers are located.


Maintenance & Repairs » How do I adjust: Olympia SM3 Carriage Return Lever hitting the lid? » 21-6-2018 21:45:22

beak wrote:

Here you go.  There are more, but this to start

Beak - Thanks for the link.  I’ve been searching for threads on this topic and haven’t found any.  I’m new to this forum and haven’t quite figured out how to navigate this site yet.  Any other links you might provide regarding this issue, I’d appreciate. 
Second, where are these washers being placed?  I can’t tell from the comments or pics on this thread. 
I don’t think that’s my issue as the typewriter in as-new condition with no worn out parts but maybe I can at least try to add some washers to lift the carriage return lever if I know where to put them.

Appreciate any advice you can give. 



Parts » WTB: Replacement Ribbon Spool Nuts for Olivetti portables » 21-6-2018 17:58:25

Man, you lose one of these and your life is over... I have two Olivetti’s missing their ribbon spool nuts/screws and the typewriters are worthless without them.
Anyone have a parts source in the U.S. I can hit up?
Or extra nuts lying around you want to send me for a modest charge?
Thanks in advance,

Maintenance & Repairs » How do I adjust: Olympia SM3 Carriage Return Lever hitting the lid? » 21-6-2018 17:36:29

My SM3 Deluxe has this issue where the carriage return lever wants to rub the paint off the left hand side of the lid when it is in use.  I would appreciate advice from someone on how to fix this.  I’ve gone through the entire SM instructions for overhaul manual and the issue is not addressed. 
Thanks in advance!

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