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Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: Multiple Typewriters - TT - Royal - Olympia - Olivetti - Etc. » 30-9-2018 08:59:16

Hi all,
so my hobby is coming to an end. I'm pretty much done with fixing typewriters for the coming years. I might keep one or two. But seeking to sell the following:

  • Antares Parva Brown blue case
  • Alpina Blue Grey Beige
  • Erika Model 11, grey/black, brown case
  • Swissa Junior Typewriter - techno
  • Olympia SM7 de luxe
  • Royal Portable
  • Olympia Traveller de Luxe Green
  • Antares Efficiency 20 Blue Beige
  • Triumph Gabriele 20 Grey/Beige
  • Everest Mod 90 Grey/Light green and black
  • Adler Privat
  • Brother little
  • Empire Aristocrat Portable (hermes achtig) Silver
  • Olivetti Lettera 32 Red
  • PMC Elite 44 - Olivetti DL achtig
  • Olivetti Lettera DL
  • Brosette
  • Olympia Splendid 33
  • Hermes Baby Sea Green Gray Case
  • Antares 20s Efficiency Black Beige
  • Mercedes K45 QWERTIJ grey, dark brown keys
  • Erika Model 11 grey/black QWERTIJ
  • Mercedes K45 QWERTIJ grey, dark brown keys
  • Mercedes K45 QWERTIJ grey, dark brown keys
  • Mercedes K45 QWERTY grey, dark brown keys
  • Continental 340
  • Oliver Portable Ultra Light
  • Continental 350
  • Mercedes Superba Silent
  • Erika Model 11 Black QWERTIJ
  • Bar-let Model 1
  • Mercedes Superba
  • Erika Model S or 5
  • Hermes 2000 QWERTIJ
  • Olivetti Dora
  • Swissa Junior Pica
  • Olivetti Lettera DL
  • Underwood 450s
  • Olympia SM2 And Army Case
  • Olympia SM7 de luxe
  • Olivetti Studio 44 Blue Black
  • Olivetti Lettera 35 White/Beige
  • Adler Junior 12 beige white
  • Olivetti Studio 45 Blue
  • Antares Parva Brown - QWERTZ
  • Underwood 4 Bank
  • Everest K2 Grey
  • Olympia SM3 Black,Green,Military

  • Let me know if you're interested here. And a price you have in mind. I'll see what I can do.
    I do have an Etsy site - The Hammersmith

Perhaps this is more convenient way to review all the pictures than posting hundreds of pictures here. I'll see what the admin's view about this is.

Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: Triumph Durable. Royal Portable Type O. Olivetti Invictas » 21-10-2015 13:38:21

Good thoughts. I've lowered the price and will make an effort to get some type up on the site...

Price is often based on other peoples selling price. And also depends on the amount of work I've put into the typewriter to get it functioning.
349 euro is nothing unusual.

If you think about it, buying something for 49 dollars or less, it might be cheap but you could end up spending a **** load of time and effort checking, cleaning and repairing the typewriter... 

Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: Triumph Durable. Royal Portable Type O. Olivetti Invictas » 26-7-2015 17:44:40

Dear Typewriter enthusiasts, 

I've been working on a couple of typewriters during the past month. A tonne of polishing and looking for parts to get these into good to perfect shape. I like helping writers out and collectors. They may given evidence of their work, or collection, negotiate a deal. Anyway, I'm proud to present the following, go and have a look:

Feedback welcome. Questions too.

Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: New batch of typewriters. Groma/Remington/Everest/Underwood » 26-7-2015 17:32:47

Dear Uwe/TheTypeWriterMan,

if I have placed this in the wrong part of the forum I apologize. 
Perhaps the definition of private and commercial enterprise will have to be reviewed. This because I too am uncertain about my characterisation. Next to that Etsy is partially private, partially commercial in nature. So you may have trouble with that. 

Hope you find the right way to present these. I mean well by it.

Kind regards

Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: New batch of typewriters. Olivetti - Underwood - Olympia Etc » 31-5-2015 12:43:34

Dear all, 

been working on a new batch of typewriters, thought you might be interested.

Shop location:

The new typewriters are listed:

Olivetti Lettera 12
Olivetti Lettera DL
Underwood 4 Bank Portable - Model E/F
Olympia SM9
Olympia SM4 Deluxe
Continental 340

All are working and in good shape. Enjoy the view. Let me know if you have specific wishes, ask anything.

Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: New batch of typewriters. Groma/Remington/Everest/Underwood » 08-5-2015 13:18:46

Dear all followers, 

a new batch of typewriters is exiting the workshop, The Hammersmith (Etsy). Spent a good two weeks getting these into shape. I'm happy to share the following names, links and approximate (euro/usd conversion) prices (ex shipping). Please go to the website for more information. I'm happy to discuss prices and payment methods with eager collectors/bloggers. 

Groma Modell N, 1951.
Price, 290 USD. 
1951 - Groma Modell N Typewriter - Black - Case included - Working

1951 - Remington Rand No. 5 Deluxe - Includes Case - Ribbon - Grey - Working 
Price, 199 USD.
1951 - Remington Rand No. 5 Deluxe - Includes Case - Ribbon - Grey - Working

1951 - Everest Mod 90 typewriter - Includes case - Ribbon - No handle.
Price, 220 USD. 
1951 - Everest Mod 90 typewriter - Includes case (no handle) - Ribbon - Working

1927 - Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter - 3 Bank - Includes Case - Ribbon - 
Price, 200USB.
[url=]1927 - Unde

Maintenance & Repairs » Olympia SM2 carriage problems » 29-4-2015 18:58:56

It the carriage hitting the body work of the typewriter?
Then you might have the typical "height problem. This is where the internal organs of the typewriter need a lift by adding a few washers to the screws they are sitting on (under the typewriter). This is because the rubber washers under the typewriter (next to 4 major screws under the typewriter) will have melted away, dried up, disappeared.

Recommend making a video of the body work which the carriage crosses. 

I think the gear looks ok.

Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » [Sold] FS: 1951 - Hermes Baby Typewriter - With Case » 27-4-2015 18:18:39

See the sources. It's all very very secondary source. We'll have to weigh them sometime.

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