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Type Talk » Humidity and typing outside » 31-7-2017 19:51:35

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So I'm thirty pages into my story, and things are going well.  But for the first time in my progress, I tried typing outside.  Right now, I am in San Diego, and it's pretty humid outside, which I noticed as it seemed like the typing was working properly (the glyphs might be off, like the lower part of a capital letter revealed), and the keys' spokes sometimes hitting each other.

But most damning of all, the paper turned slightly soggy.

I began wondering, is there anything one can do about typing outside?  Or does one just have to avoid typing outside when the humidity is high?  Perhaps some type of paper can prevent the soggy feeling.  A cleaning will keep the typewriter more readily apt.

It could also just have been me hitting the keys at odd angles due to my slightly awkward sitting position, but I have been typing in awkward positions before without these issues.

I was just wondering how - if ever - you guys type outside.

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 29-7-2017 21:01:08

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Hello again.  I have now been using my Alder Tippa for quite a while, and I am very happy with it.  Easy to use and easy to carry.  I wish I had cranked out more pages, but 27 pages is still a decent number so far.

Particularly because I have been travelling since 9 June, but the past few days I have really been cranking out pages again.

However, I still think the typewriter needs a cleaning.  Are any of you familiar with any tips or person who can clean/repair a typewriter?

For the record, I am doing a travel journal on my trip, if you want to read about my journey.

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 30-4-2017 05:58:17

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Hey KatLondon, thank you for the detailed reply.

I don't know why I kept misspelling the Lettera as a Loretta.

You are right, that the E key did loosen up after some usage, and it is no longer a problem.  Although, a cleaning of the Tippa would not be a bad idea.

Indeed, I want to focus on the Tippa for now, since that's the one I am using the most for the time being.  That may change, obviously!

After some more ribbon issues, I've tried reattaching them yet again.  But this time I took pictures:

After I did this attachment, I haven't had issues with the ribbons, but I wonder if it's too early too tell.

But I also had another question, there are a plus and minus sign under the dust cover, what are those for?

And the <-|-|-> key (don't know its name, but that's how its symbol look, but I forgot to take a picture, and my camera is recharging), what does that do?  I assume it has something to do with the ribbons, but I don't know.

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 29-4-2017 07:40:44

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Update!  Since I cannot edit posts.

After some more usage (written two full papers so far), the E key is slowly becoming more... friendly.  Perhaps usage is helping?

Regardless, I am still confused whether I'm doing the ribbons right.  I noticed the Tippa was decreasing in ink strength, so I opened it, and noticed that the small ring in the ribbon had gotten stuck between the two levers near the left ribbon wheel.  I also noticed that the Tippa insisted the ribbon move from left to right.  I therefore took the ribbon out and turned it around (being all black, this was not a problem), and now it's working fine.

But I wonder whether the ribbons should be attached in a special way, other than what seems obvious (I based my attachment of the ribbon on how the previously installed one was).

How often do ribbons wear out?  I plan on typing a whole lot, would buying a backup be a good idea?

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 28-4-2017 23:39:50

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I just wish I could fix the E key on the Tippa.  That really is my main hurdle with it so far.

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 28-4-2017 12:37:26

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Hello again.

Sorry for the radio silent all of the sudden. However, yesterday these two arrived:

I've obtained a Olivetti Loretta 32 and an Alder Tippa, with a British and Danish keyboard, respectively.

I've replaced the ribbon on both (the Loretta 32 got a black/red one, while the Tippa an all black one). Here is a picture of some test typing on both typewriters (black first, then red, even on the Tippa):


Loretta 32

As you can see, the Loretta has some issues with its 'printing'. I've also noticed that the ribbon gets released from the left wheel, but the right wheel doesn't 'pull', so the ribbon slowly starts 'piling up'. I fear I've attached the new ribbon incorrectly. But it looked right.

I've also noticed that the shift lock tends to get really locked, and I need to use a bit of force to get unlocked again.

The Tippa, on the other hand, has none of these issues. As you can see, it's printing is pretty neat. Although, I get better result switching to red, even though the ribbon is all black.

However, it does have issues of its own. Its E-key tends to keep hanging for a bit, before releasing itself. Which is slightly problematic, since E is a very common key, and I tend to make mistakes quite frequently, because I forget to wait for the E key to release itself.

Also, its one dead key (¨´) gets locked every time you use it. It can only get resolved by manually flicking its lever back.

However, despite this, I must say, I am leaning towards the Tippa more than the Loretta right now. I just like typing on the Tippa a bit more than the Loretta. And its weight is far more appropriate to keep in your lap. Not that the Loretta is too heavy.

And - I'll admit - I do like being able to write in Danish on the Tippa.

(I apologise for some incorrec

Off-Topic » What hobbies do you have? » 16-4-2017 13:45:15

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I'd say my main hobby is vintage cars.  Well, I say vintage cars, but I really mean Citroëns.  And only those with hydropneumatic suspension.  No other suspension is good enough for me.  As such, I have a 1974 Citroën DS 23 and a 1998 Citroën Xantia Activa V6.

It's fine to describe it as my main hobby, since I spend most of my money on that.  But second in line is my computer(s) followed by board games, including designing them.  Although, I've had little success in the latter part.  Well, I also tend to lose when I play board games, so I dunno about success in playing them either.

I am a software developer by trade, but I also do like developing small programs at home.  Either for fun or for some additional payment outside my regular job.

Then I also have a thing for studying/debating history/politics.  I might consider myself a history buff, but really there is still so much to learn.

Recently I've found fountain pens, and hopefully soon, I'll get properly into typewriters.  But that's very new to me (I don't even have a typewriter yet!).

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 16-4-2017 09:38:16

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Considering the advice so far, I am leaning heavily towards the Lettera 32.  And they also seem cheap and plentiful enough online, to be a good first typewriter purchase.  Particularly considering my lack of experience of what to look for at an online dealer.

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 16-4-2017 05:16:21

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I found one seller in Denmark, selling about 25 different typewriters.  Clearly emptying a collection.

Accordingly, she is selling the following models: Adler Tippa, Brother de luxe 220, Optima, Remington Noiseless, Scheidegger Princess-Matic, Siemag, Silver-reed 150, Torpedo 30, Adler Gabrielle 25, Adler Gabrielle 8008, Adler Tippa, Antares, Brother de luxe, Brother deluxe 220, Brother ep-20, Canon Typestar 6, Canon Typestar 6, Citizen X3, Erika 3004 electronic, Esselte Lisa 85, Facit, L C Smith & Corona, Olympia Traveler de luxe and Optima.

(I know there are some repeats, but I assume this means she has more than one of them.)

You can see the ads here:

(She had to split them into three ads, because the site only allows 8 pictures per ad.)

They all appear to be with a Danish layout.  However, looking at the pictures, I am not super sure about their condition, but maybe they are all right.  And of all the ones suggested so far, she only appears to have the Alder Tippa.

Seems like there is a lot of choice out there.  And has a lot of listings for the Olivetti Lettera 32, so it shouldn't be a problem obtaining one of those.

Portable Typewriters » Looking for a solid portable typewriter » 16-4-2017 04:26:59

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The heaviness is less of a concern with regards to carry, but might be an issue on a lap.  I am considering bringing along a fold out chair and table, if it were.

But I was more anticipating pulling over, and then sit on the passenger seat to type.  But if the SM-9's weight is a problem for that scenario, I will definitely consider those others as well.  I can live with a heavy typewriter - after all, my preferred laptop is quite heavy - and if inspiration were to strike anywhere, I would probably write notes initially with my pen.

The Skyriter, you say it was made for usage on an aeroplane, does that also mean it is more silent when typing than usual?  Or is it the same?

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