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Portable Typewriters » Is my old typewriter an Olympia Traveller De Luxe? » 27-11-2018 17:48:11

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Hi there. 

I have inherited an old (and much-used) typewriter from my late father-in-law.  It has no top cover so the only thing identifying it is the name "Olympia" on a plate at the back of the machine, and the Serial No. 15-4665845.  Having referred to several (very informative) posts on this site, I THINK it's an Olympia "Traveller De Luxe".  Can anyone confirm this and provide any additional details such as date/country of manufacture?

Incidentally, it has the most wonderful Script/Cursive typeface.  Something I've not seen before on any typewriter.

Many thanks.  I appreciate your help.


David Tudor
Orpington, England

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