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Maintenance & Repairs » Cleaning Cases » 14-2-2020 04:45:25

I do not know where in the world you are, so it is difficult to recommend cleaning products.  I usually use a foaming cleaner on carry cases - if you are in the US I believe that it is called 'scrubbing bubbles' there.  There isn't much you can do about the glue stains on the felt lining I'm afraid.  As to leather handles, the best way is to take the case to a saddler who should be able to make up a new one.

Type Talk » Oliver #9 worth it? » 07-2-2020 04:57:26

Yes definitely dark green, although so dirty that you could mistake it for black.  If you were wondering about the wartime re-made Olivers, here is a link to an interesting website about them.  Note the black finish and no 'bat wings', as well as conventional keycard and keyring keytops !   

Type Talk » Oliver #9 worth it? » 06-2-2020 04:43:54

Regarding the green Oliver, I have had far, far worse brought to me for servicing and new rubber parts. So maybe $150 isn't too bad a price since it would probably need less work.  If the black one that you have found does not have the distinctive 'bat wings' under the carriage rails it may not be as old as you think.  The British government had a batch of these specially made during the last war.  I was told by an old-time typewriter man that it was for use in the desert, since fine sand would gum up a typewriter with a conventional segment.

Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 04-2-2020 04:03:50

The serial number on the Studio 45 is stamped into the right hand side of the machine's frame, facing the outside.  I'm pretty sure that it would be the same for the Studio 46.

Maintenance & Repairs » Everest Mod 90 shift keys misbehaving » 28-1-2020 15:51:34

Yes, the carriage is supposed to lift off on these models, provided the catches are released first.  I am pretty sure from the photo that the hole in the spring catch does indeed engage with the peg.  I have seen very few of these machines so cannot give any specific advice on why the lower case writing line is sitting too high.  I can only suggest looking over the machine very carefully with the carriage both on and off whilst operating the shift keys.  You might be able to work out how the shift mechanism works and what is wrong with it.

Maintenance & Repairs » Everest Mod 90 shift keys misbehaving » 25-1-2020 03:31:45

The 'brass spring' is in fact spring steel.  The carriage is detachable on these models and those spring clips hold it in place.  Try removing and refitting the whole carriage by releasing the clips and pulling the carriage upwards.

Standard Typewriters » Help figuring out odd platen » 24-1-2020 04:12:44

Without some pictures it would be hard to say exactly, but my educated guess is that this is a special set-up for addressing machine stencils.  The stencil is like a miniature duplicator (mimeograph) stencil and once prepared on the typewriter, goes into the addressing machine with hundreds of other bearing different addresses.  When the machine is operated, each stencil in turn prints the address on an envelope.  The good news is that if you can get the parts you need to convert it back to a 'normal' typewriter it will be unlikely to have had much wear - unlike office machines that are normally heavily used and subsequently badly worn.

Maintenance & Repairs » Remington 12 Standard - advice on a few topics - Paint, Keys Sticking » 06-1-2020 04:16:36

I think treefaller might have got this the wrong way round.  Sewing machine oil (Mineral) - GOOD -------   WD-40 (Silicone) BAD !

Portable Typewriters » Olympia Splendid and SF paintjob » 31-12-2019 14:31:54

Yes, sorry folks - Uwe is right - it was a slight misunderstanding on my part.  I thought that you were referring to the texture of the paint finish.  Having again looked closely at the photos, I can now see the yellowing around the edges which is typical of Splendids that were white when they left the factory but have been affected by sunlight over the intervening years.  Oddly this malady doesn't seem the affect the SF Deluxe which uses a different sort of paint in a 'flatter' finish.  To open the subject up a little more, the rougher finish on white Olympia Travellers normally only yellows on exposure to nicotine.  However the white plastic snap-over carry case does go a very unattractive shade of yellow with prolonged exposure to sunlight.  White Silver-Reed electronic office typewriters did exactly the same thing within three years of being sold new !   HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR READERS ON THE FORUM - Tom.

Portable Typewriters » Olympia Splendid and SF production - I am puzzled » 31-12-2019 05:55:13

Uwe is the Olympia expert on here, so I'll leave it to him to comment in detail if he wants to.  The Splendid range originally consisted of the 33, 66 and 99.  Before that, there was simply the SF - which was basically a 33 with a wire bail paper rest,  The higher the number, the more features and the more expensive the machine was.  33 - basic single colour ribbon only.  66 - Bi-colour ribbon, touch control, pop-up paper rest.  99 - all features of the 66, luxury trim and carry case with document pocket.  My theory is that the 99 didn't sell well because it didn't actually do any more than the 66.  It looks as if Olympia soon dropped the 99 and replaced it with the SF Deluxe (a 66 in a sharp suit) because then customers thought that they were getting a different/better machine for the extra that they had to pay !  Incidentally the first typewriter I ever had personal experience of was a power-blue Deluxe which belonged to my mother.  I still have it and use it regularly.  It has only ever been serviced or repaired by me.

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