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Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 19-7-2017 20:37:38

First Picture post... My 1936 Underwood Universal:

1936 Underwood Universal

Type Talk » Outbidding the keychoppers » 14-7-2017 23:25:12

We can hope, ClackityClink. We can only hope.

Off-Topic » What hobbies do you have? » 14-7-2017 11:53:40

I have a lot of hobbies. I'll try not to leave anything out. I've been playing guitar and bass for the past 28 years. I collect comic books (Star Trek and Star Wars only- I had to impose SOME KIND of limit.) Drawing (with pencil or pen and in Adobe Illustrator), collecting U.S. and world paper currency, full sheets of U.S. postage stamps (monochromatic - intaglio engraved), U.S. and Canadian silver coinage, watching movies (all manner of genre: new, old, comedy, noir, musicals, documentaries.) I'm particularly partial to television shows about history or science. I also collect antique cancelled stock certificates (mainly railroads.) I feel like I'm leaving a few things out, but we'll go with that list.

Parts » WTB: Rubber feet for 1936 Underwood Universal » 09-7-2017 19:31:35

Looking to replace the rubber feet on my 1936 Underwood Universal. Any help would be appreciated.


Type Talk » Outbidding the keychoppers » 09-7-2017 12:46:06

Ugh. I was afraid of that. These people have no souls.

Typewriter Paraphernalia » Portable case help » 09-7-2017 12:42:33

I recently bought my second typewriter: a reconditioned 1936 Underwood Universal. It's absolutely flawless (except for a small touched-up blemish on the left spool cover and the front rubber feet are in poor shape. Other than that, it's perfect.)

The case however, looks like it was tied to the back of a WWII Panzer VI tank and drug over a gravel road for 20 miles. Is there any place I can go to get this repaired? I was thinking of an antique furniture repair shop, but is there a better alternative? I'd really like to keep it under $100 if I can.


Type Talk » New Member Thread » 09-7-2017 12:34:59

I would imagine dough and powdered sugar are not very conducive to the inner workings of a cash register. Lol. Sounds like you're learning a lot and having some fun with your repairs. I'd eventually like to learn that too, but for now I'm content to let my focus be writing on them. Cheers.

Type Talk » Outbidding the keychoppers » 09-7-2017 01:27:16

I recently bid on a 1920s Portable Corona for the sole purpose of keeping it out of the hands of the vile scum we all have come to loathe. I believe some of you have done the same. Not that I would mind owning this beautiful little machine, but I've already spent too much as it is. (I'm picking up a 1929 Underwood No. 5 on Thursday.)

So I guess my question is: What seems to be the magic number where the keychoppers will realize there's no profit for them and leave the auction alone?

Type Talk » What typewriter are you using currently? » 09-7-2017 01:04:19

1928 Royal Portable with green crackle paint. My first acquisition from about a month ago.

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