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Type Talk » Willy Wonka's Half Typewriter » 28-12-2016 22:23:50

It looks to be some sort of early Olympia without a front plate. Like an m40? But it has that lever on the left... I don't know.

Resources » Dunk Cleaning » 26-12-2016 18:00:21

Thanks Uwe, I'll keep that info in mind. I just went ahead and took apart my 3 bank instead because the whole body is paint.

Portable Typewriters » So you want to build an Underwood 3 bank? » 26-12-2016 12:50:49

Took apart my 3 Bank and since theres nothing out there on this, i decided to make my own series on this.

COMING SOON! Currently Im cleaning everything. Wait around a few days and Ill have a guide posted!


Type Talk » My adventure with dunk cleaning... » 26-12-2016 12:49:16

Ok took it out. No difference.

So now it lays in pieces on my desk!!! Its getting a deep clean!

Type Talk » My adventure with dunk cleaning... » 26-12-2016 09:27:47

Shouldve added this.

Verdict: Is it worth it?

I'd say if you can remove the typewriter from its painted shell, then it's definitely rewarding. Especially if using harsher cleaners. In my case, it was probably needed because these 3 banks are very tight and compact, however I probably won't do it again (unless when it is out of the oven it is cleaner than I thought)

Type Talk » My adventure with dunk cleaning... » 26-12-2016 09:24:47

Note: I'm posting image links

So as you probably knew, I have my dirty Underwood portable that needed a good cleaning.

So that's what I have it.

I filled the sink with hot water and dish soap. And finally I dipped the typewriter in.

Here's the typewriter ready to be dunked

And in she goes...

And finally after some light shaking (Didn't want to get the keys wet) I took it out.

A close up of a previously very dirty area. As you can see, dish soap does NOT replace what the pros use, HOWEVER since you cannot easily separate the machine from the painted shell, I had to use something weak like dish soap.

There's a light layer of dirt that easily can be wiped.

I rinsed it out again with clean water and most of it disappears after. Sill much better than it started.

It's in the oven now. I'll go over with q tips to remove that light layer, heat it up on my wood stove when done and oil lightly.

Resources » Dunk Cleaning » 26-12-2016 07:31:32

SoucekFan wrote:

I don't think this was mentioned, but I believe (from what I read in Ames) they would remove the cover plates and panels before dunking; in addition to the rubber. Also, I think (if applicable) it would be a bad idea to get "glass" keys wet.


Yup, as said, removed feet and rollers. Only dunking the main part, not the keys. I'm examining t now to see if I can just lift it out of its black "shell". That ways I can dunk it with better chemicals without worrying about paint.

Resources » Dunk Cleaning » 25-12-2016 23:27:09

Alright, well I'm going to try out the dish soap and water for now. If that doesn't work then I'll move up. And King, don't worry, it'll bake at 130 for an hour, believe me I don't want it rusting either. The thing is so small anyways. Should be fine.

Resources » Dunk Cleaning » 25-12-2016 18:50:44

Oh, and how much should I be using?

Also, I have read comet is safe unless I rub it on the paint because it will scratch??

Resources » Dunk Cleaning » 25-12-2016 18:44:21

Uwe wrote:

I use Comet, which surely has to be available in your particular area. And you need to rinse it well after cleaning it; you don't want any residue of the cleaning product left to dry on the machine. To dry it I use a combination of blowing air and natural heat from the sun (a problem during winter months were I live) because my oven doesn't go low enough to safely dry a typewriter in it. Eventually I'll get around to just making a custom drying oven for the shop, but for now the method I'm using works quite well.

Thanks Uwe, exactly the advice I was looking for. I have a can somewhere... so this won't harm the paint?

And King, I'm drying it in the oven with no rubber on it, no feet or platen or anything. I don't think there's that much more rubber. Besides 130 isn't that high. Hopefully.

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