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Type Talk » Typewriter Talk FAQ - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! » 27-1-2021 04:56:04

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I finally got around to dusting off my Flickr account and uploading some photos there... But it seems that, no matter which browser I use (I've tried Brave, Opera and Firefox), I can only get the simple version of the board, and not the one shown in the screenshots above that has the options of adding photos etc.

I could of course just post a link to the photo, or to the whole album, but it would be useful to be able to add the image in the post itself!

I am using an Android Tablet (don't have a functioning computer at the moment), running.... whatever the latest version of Android is, probably 10 or 11, I've lost count.

Is there any way to get the full-featured version somehow?

Standard Typewriters » Using a Standard for postcards? » 23-1-2021 13:02:33

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Thank you skywatcher!

Yes, European brands are much easier to find here - especially when it comes to standards!

In the past couple of weeks, I've aquired two Olympia SM3s (one with a Qwertz keyboard, in excellent condition - although it has a tendency to smudge ink underneath the line that you're typing, wich I should look into - and one Qwerty, which was filthy and quite worn).
They both handle cardstock much better than the Hema / Olivetti and the Vendex / Erika I started out with.
You need to do some coaxing in the beginning, but if the postcards aren't too sturdy, it works ok.

However, they both have the Elite typeface, which is lovely of course, but I kind of wanted a sturdy machine with Pica, too....

So, today my gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful Adler Universal arrived!

Shopping for standards is a bit of a challenge if you don't drive - I was fully prepared to pick it up by train, but the woman selling it had to be in the area (-ish) anyway and she was kind enough to drop it off.

I love it!!
I had asked her for the dimensions, to make sure it would fit on a desk (or rather, the slightly lower table I use to type on), and it wasn't as gargantuan as I had feared.
Really, when it comes to desk real estate, it takes up less space than a compuer screen, keyboard and mouse together, or than a large laptop I think - it just has more bulk in the middle.

Although, of course, desktop computers and laptops don't have bits that move sideways and knock over things on your desk when you type...

It *is* heavy, perhaps 12 or 15 kilo or so?
But absolutely not too heavy to carry for a little while.

It was quite dirty, the keys would descent in graceful slow motion when you typed, so I've spent most of the day cleaning it up.
(PSA: if you use one of those cans that have a thin nozzle that you stick into the hole, make sure that you hold onto it when you spray! Otherwise it will disappear into the innards of your machine...)

There is a tiny bit of wear on the front,

Maintenance & Repairs » Removing Vendex V 1000 (aka Erika 42) from case? » 10-1-2021 15:47:07

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Thank you all for the advice!

Hmmm, yes, pulling on the plastic is rather tricky...
I might just have to keep trying a couple of times every day, carefully -perhaps bits will loosen up slowly then.

It's good to know that it *can* be taken off, at least in theory!

Standard Typewriters » Using a Standard for postcards? » 09-1-2021 09:52:12

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I've recently started Postcrossing, and I would really like to use a typewriter to write on the cards.

Some of the thinner cards I've managed to get into a portable typewriter, and of course I could type on a large, white sticker of just a piece of paper, and glue that on the card.

Still: I would love to find a typewriter that is able to handle regular postcards!

Would any of the Standard machines be able to do that?

I can find several Olympia SG-3s for sale around here, at very reasonable prices - but unfortunately, for some reason they all seem to be wide carriage, or even super-wide carriage machines...

The idea of finding a place for any kind of Standard is rather daunting already, let alone a wide-carriage one!

There is also a Halda around that looks gorgeous, but I can't find much information about those.

Typewriter Paraphernalia » Airmail Paper » 09-1-2021 09:33:58

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Thank you for starting this topic, Skywatcher!

I've been thinking about sacrificing one of my spare Traveler's Notebook refills; the ones with the extra-thin paper apparently contain paper that is (identical to) Tomoe River paper.
It is very thin and quite smooth; most fountain pen inks take rather a long time to dry on it.

Removing it from the booklet would give me square sheets of 21 x 21 centimeter.

I'm a bit unclear on the weight though; apparently, Tomoe River comes in 52 and 68 gsm.
I've read claims that the paper used for the Midori Travelers Notebook refills is the 68 gsm, but that seems rather heavy for such a thin paper.

Of course, it could be that it is thin, but quite dense - which would explain the difficulty it has in absorbing ink.
It would also mean that it wouldn't be that much of a benefit when it comes to sending lighter-weight letters.

Maintenance & Repairs » Removing Vendex V 1000 (aka Erika 42) from case? » 09-1-2021 09:20:21

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Yesterday, I bought a Vendex V 1000 (which, if I'm not mistaken, is a re-branded Erika 42).

It had been in the attick for years; works perfectly, even the ribbon still had some life in it (although I did replace it), but there was some dust and general grime on it.

I've used compressed air to blow out as much as possible, and I've cleaned the shell and the keys with a very slightly damp cloth (moistened with water containing half a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid per liter).

But, to clean it more and to make typing more comfortable, I'd really like to get it off the bottom of the case....
Is that even possible?

The rim of the case bottom is in the way, so I can't really see much, but the machine seems to be pretty firmly bolted to it.
There are no buttons, levers or clips that I can find that release it.

Type Talk » Switching between QUERTY / QWERTZ / AZERTY? » 28-12-2020 13:47:30

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Uwe wrote:

The answer to the question really depends on whether or not a person is a touch typist. If you hunt and peck or single-finger dab, it won't matter as much where the keys are located, but for a touch typist it can be a nightmare to relocate a single letter.
I learned to touch type on a QWERTY, but I do own a lot of QWERTZ keyboards and find it only takes a couple of minutes to make the switch from QWERTY. I would never hesitate to buy a machine with either layout.

On the other hand, I only have a couple of AZERTY models, and for good reason because I really can't use them. I suppose that with enough time and practice I could adapt to those at well, but it's not worth the effort to me; I'd rather pass on the AZERTY model and wait for a more familiar keyboard to come along.


Thank you!

Yes, I suspect Azerty would be a bit *too* different.

Type Talk » Switching between QUERTY / QWERTZ / AZERTY? » 28-12-2020 08:35:08

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Oh dear, a typo in the thread title...
I guess I am used to a Q  being followed by a U!

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