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Electric Typewriters » Olympia Report de Luxe » 12-2-2023 13:58:06

Been using mine for many years. Used to do my school work & even wrote my finals on it. Also used it though job school for writing reports & typing out dictation I has taken by hand. Always served me well. Mine is a wide carriage model from 74. 

Electric Typewriters » What are the most reliable and easy to service, easy to use, electric? » 12-1-2023 11:49:45

If I want electric, I go full electric. No half measures. I like the "business like" feel of them. 
But I have that same issue you describe with Selectrics. Just doesn't feel much like a typewriter to me anymore. 

Electric Typewriters » What are the most reliable and easy to service, easy to use, electric? » 12-1-2023 00:40:12

In regards to serviceability & quality; Probably the Olympia SGE line. Those were made for heavy, professional use & with regular maintenance in mind. Olympia SGE 40 is probably the "flagship". 
Every other criteria is subjective. Personally, I prefer the feel of electric type bar machines over the Selectric. 

Portable Typewriters » Olympia SM9 (question) » 14-12-2022 23:56:55

Export model for the US market. No difference. 

Vintage Office Machines » Electro-Mechanical Calculators » 13-8-2022 19:02:55

I mixed up the 3 & 4 in my post (sadly no editing here) but what you show here is exactly what I described. 
But honestly I think in practice a pinwheel calculator is better suited for anything more then adding & subtracting. Or just in general. These adding machines make nice display pieces tho, & are very satisfying to use. Ive been tempted to get another few more then once, but will keep it at the 1 for now. 

Vintage Office Machines » Electro-Mechanical Calculators » 13-8-2022 17:47:47

Essentially the "trick" is to just split the multiplication.
210 x 43 would be the flowing in your adding machine:
210 x 4 followed by printing the intermittent result then,
2100 x 3 followed by the end total. 

For higher divisors simply add another 0. Its very simple. 

Vintage Office Machines » Electro-Mechanical Calculators » 13-8-2022 17:40:44

With a trick 2-species adding machines can also multiply. 
Here is a video on the matter:

Its in German but perhaps it'll be informative despite. 

Vintage Office Machines » Electro-Mechanical Calculators » 09-8-2022 17:17:28

Same style of case as my Report deluxe. The machine too.
In fact I thought about getting one of these to go with my Report years ago, just like I did later with my SG1. But there's just no space on my desk for it. With these 70s cases, I dont trust them further then I can throw em. 

Vintage Office Machines » Electro-Mechanical Calculators » 08-8-2022 21:38:57

Thats where the phase "to be in the black" comes from. 
I might be able to service a chronograph but these things scare me. I dont really touch them, apart from superficial cleaning. 

Electric Typewriters » How to clean an IBM brush » 08-7-2022 16:10:22

Ive always had good luck with gasoline.  

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