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Typewriters - Dealers/Retailers » FS: 34 Antique Typewriters » 30-7-2015 13:53:03

A generous donor has gifted Farm Sanctuary with this beautiful collection of antique typewriters — by bidding on and winning one of these items, you will make a long-lasting contribution to farm animal protection. Thank you for your support of Farm Sanctuary, North America's leading farm animal rescue and protection organization.

The typewriters can be found at the link below:

1.Imperial "The Good Companion" Antique Typewriter - Made in Liechester England.

2.Underwood 3 Bank - Antique Typewriter (1920). Decal: "Licensed under Gubelmann Patent November 9, 1915". 3 row keyboard. 

3.Frolio 5 - Antique Typewriter. Serial #414000. Super Activated Type. German. Other name: Gundka

4.Corona, Folding Model 3 - Antique Typewriter

5.Remington Noiseless - Antique Typewriter Serial #NS44575

6.Remington Noiseless - Antique Typewriter Serial #01471. Metal Platen

7.Royal - Antique Typewriter Serial #E103612. Beautiful Decals

8.Remington Portable Model 5 - Antique Typewriter. No serial number.

9.Royal Quiet Deluxe - Antique Typewriter (Black). Serial #A1169229

10.Royal - Antique Typewriter (2 tone - Red). Serial #P168812. Nice decals.

11.LC Smith Corona - Antique Typewriter. Serial #1016114 D

12.Corona Wide Carriage (Portable) Antique Typewriter

13.Remington Rand Noiseless Antique Typewriter

14.Remington (2 tone lavender) Antique Typewriter (Not Rand)

15.Remington (2 tone green) Antique Typewriter. Gold leaf. No case. Beautiful Decals

16.Remington Portable (Raising Platform Model) Antique Typewriter. Serial #N344575

17.SCM 'Silent' Antique Typewriter. Serial #2570845

18.Comptometer, Very Old - Antique Typewriter. Serial #231981

19.Smith Corona Tower - Antique Typewriter. Serial #1177-041. Tan with 2 tone green keys

20.Comptometer, Gold Leaf, Felt & Turrant Mfg. Antique Typewriter

21.Naumann Erika Model 5 - Antique

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At this very moment my ears are being graced by the talented Beyonce Knowles.

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