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Standard Typewriters » Need recommendation for a roomy, easy typing keyboard » 20-9-2017 11:42:45

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I have a Remington noiseless and this is actually one of the things I notice most when using it. The keys seem to spaced a little farther from each other than on other machines. 
It could be a function of my own hand size, my typing style, etc, but I notice it every time.

It's this one here.

Type Talk » Recent Acquisitions Thread » 15-9-2017 20:28:28

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Busy day today
picked up all 4 of these
charcoal gray QDL is def the gem of the lot to me

Maintenance & Repairs » Skyriter question » 09-9-2017 00:47:33

Checked it out
None of those things helped

You know the bail is about 1/4" tall, up from the platen.  It's almost as though there's no way for the keys not to hit the paper bail… At any rate this was an eBay purchase and it's got a bunch of problems that were not specified so in all likelihood it's getting returned tomorrow!
I'll come across another skywriter eventually

Maintenance & Repairs » Removing the shell on a 6-series Smith-Corona » 07-9-2017 14:14:02

and yes, you have to remove the other stuff before you can remove that plastic portion around the keys (almost positive about that). Mine was already broken, so I assumed someone got frustrated and just tried ripping it off. Not the right way lol

Maintenance & Repairs » Removing the shell on a 6-series Smith-Corona » 07-9-2017 14:12:22

I have one of these galaxies. It's a script unit of all things, so I was eager to get it working. But DAMN that body removal.

I found that removing the ribbon cover (the sliding one that you mention), made everything a lot easier. It gives you room to remove screws along the perimeter of the body that are almost unreachable otherwise (although managed to). The ribbon cover is connected by 2 screws, one of each side, on the underside of the cover.

Once the ribbon cover is removed, the whole metal frame of the machine can be removed from the surrounding, one-piece shell. I dont think I have pictures but I might...If so, I'll post.

Maintenance & Repairs » Skyriter question » 06-9-2017 20:30:16

OK thanks for the suggestions
I'm going to have another look and see if one of those isn't what's causing the issue

Maintenance & Repairs » Skyriter question » 06-9-2017 17:04:28

Also I can upload pictures if necessary guys just let me know I'm happy to do it

Portable Typewriters » Info needed on Erika 5 » 06-9-2017 15:20:21

I think most Erika's with a QWERTY keyboard are pretty uncommon
I myself have an Erika 8, also QWERTY

But I could be wrong, initially I was looking for a model M, and I know for a fact that those are very rare with QWERTY layouts.

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