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16-4-2013 13:31:14  #1


What the heck is it?

As far as I can gather, it seems to be an eBay for Hipsters.

Why would anyone buy typewriters there at such phenomenal prices? Surely even a cursory search elsewhere would call up a better deal.


16-4-2013 17:12:42  #2

Re: Etsy...

I did buy a very nice Woodstock No.4 in very good original condition from an Etsy seller for $235.  The price was no more than a similar one might have been on ebay and less than many that I see.  If a price is too high anywhere I don't buy or I might make an offer.  I think I got a slight price reduction on that Woodstock.  The No.4, by the way, is much rarer than the No.5.  I do watch Etsy daily but agree that prices are often unreasonably high, a case that is common with so many ebay sellers these days.  I just don't see $10 or $50 typewriters around here and not much under $100.


16-4-2013 17:29:26  #3

Re: Etsy...

We seem to be luckier in the UK. Most of the typers on eBay UK have a reasonable starting price, and I've seen a good selection of very nice machines posted at 99p. There's always a lot of interest in the better models, so it's not often you get a bargain, but it can happen.

I'm always amazed by sellers who value their typewriters in the £200+ range when the most rudimentary research would show them that the most they can reasonably hope for is £20+. I'm not sure who they think they're selling too; a casual buyer who just wants a typewriter to use is not going to spend that sort of money, and a collector will have a more realistic idea of the true worth of the machine.

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16-4-2013 21:22:13  #4

Re: Etsy...

Etsy is an online marketplace that offers mostly vintage and handmade products. Unfortunately, their typewriters are almost always priced to gouge both your eyes out. The nice thing about Etsy is that you are free to send the seller a message and make an offer. I've made many purchases on Etsy this way.   My blog:  
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17-4-2013 13:21:52  #5

Re: Etsy...

I'll say one thing in their favour: their typewriters are always presented well - good enough to eat (shame about all the chopped keys though). You don't get the grainy cell-phone photos that are increasingly the norm on eBay.

It's the classic marketing dilemma; whether to go for volume sales at modest prices, or stick out for a smaller number of high-priced deals. The latter is riskier, but reduces your overheads. I always spend a lot of time researching my purchases (to the point where it becomes a chore), but I suppose there will be many who will see something they like and buy it on impulse.

If I has the money, I'd spend a fortune there.

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