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02-8-2015 15:10:38  #1

Aug 5 streamed typewriter podcast (German)

Hi guys,
I have been invited to a 2 hrs talk on mechanical typewriters which will be streamed and available as podcast after.
It's next Wednesday, Aug 5, 8pm CET, and it's in German.

Stream and later podcast will be here

This forum will be mentioned

Enjoy and type on!
Best, Claudia


03-8-2015 11:36:02  #2

Re: Aug 5 streamed typewriter podcast (German)

Fantastic, Claudia! Good luck, and I'm looking forward to watching the podcast once it's available. Please let us know how it went!

04-8-2015 00:49:56  #3

Re: Aug 5 streamed typewriter podcast (German)

Of course I will share this with you. Happy that I recieved so much information and knowledge here in the forum that will help a lot ...

You can listen to it live Wed 8pm CET, or download the podcast from the mentioned link later.  Will post again, though.

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