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24-8-2015 08:20:52  #1

Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

It's time for another one of Tom Furrier's type-outs at Cambridge Typewriter. These are always great fun.


10-9-2015 09:24:30  #2

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

I wish!!


10-9-2015 10:43:46  #3

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

KatLondon wrote:

I wish!!

OK, I'll have my pilot divert the Learjet to Gatwick and pick you up on the way.  I have a suite at the Harbo(u)r Hotel, and you can crash in one of the (several) spare rooms.

I'll be taking a 1950s Alpina to use - what about you?
Hope to bring back one or two choice Royals, but what will you be shopping for?


10-9-2015 14:01:45  #4

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

Haaaa! Thanks, that's so thoughtful of you Beak. I could always bring the Alpina I bought a few months ago (inspired by you) in a competitive bid to see whose is nicer... Or maybe the Hermes 2000 I bought for £3, which was so filthy I thought it was a different colour, and which then had to be brought back from the dead by the Typewriter Man, havong effectively been smnapped in two by the 1970s mwmbership secretary of the British Judo Association. It's a good story, is now very pretty in that dove-grey way, and might be a talking point in Boston. I'll be on the lookout for a 1950s Underwood - and maybe a Champion, too - as you can't get them easily here, and I grew up in the city where they were made. 

And won't they be surprised when we swoop in. ;)  



10-9-2015 15:08:41  #5

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

Thats the place I go to get my typewriters repaired when I cant fix them! Too bad Im over 3 hours away though...

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Back from a long break.

Starting fresh with my favorite typer. A Royal Futura!

12-9-2015 21:13:04  #6

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

I wish I could have gone.  Anyone care to file a report?


13-9-2015 09:25:47  #7

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

Shoot! I wish I saw this earlier! I would have gone yesterday  


14-9-2015 13:11:05  #8

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

It was great fun! Mostly people just milled around and tried out machines, but there was also a speed typing contest -- the first page of Moby-Dick. People strolling by on the street stopped to chat and type as well. On the way back to my car I could hear a dad carefully explaining to his small daughter how typewriters work.

For you (relatively) locals, these are held 1-2 times a year, so there may be another in the spring. At you'll see a link to the blog where the event is announced.

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15-9-2015 09:32:11  #9

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

Official report here.

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15-9-2015 09:54:37  #10

Re: Sept. 12 Type-Out in Boston!

Thanks for this -- I really need to try and come to the next one.


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