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25-8-2015 13:11:22  #1

DIY copy holder

Okay, not nearly as nice as these vintage ones people are posting, but I found myself in need of a copy holder, so I put one together with scraps of foam board.


25-8-2015 13:42:13  #2

Re: DIY copy holder

Is ther supposed to be a picture here?

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

25-8-2015 14:04:01  #3

Re: DIY copy holder

Are they not showing up?  They show up for me, but imgur is being weird today.

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25-8-2015 19:15:52  #4

Re: DIY copy holder

Looks fine to me; I can see the pix.


25-8-2015 20:53:49  #5

Re: DIY copy holder

It was probably the firewall at work.  I see them now.  Normally I'd see them at work too.  Figures.

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

09-9-2015 10:36:19  #6

Re: DIY copy holder



02-1-2016 22:19:18  #7

Re: DIY copy holder

Really nice copy holder; it would be even nicer with a paint job, what do you think?


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