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25-4-2013 00:29:25  #1

How's your spelling?

Your spelling is probably fairly good if you type - no spell-checker!  But this can be a disadvantage too; when hunting for typewriters on the auction sites such as eBay, try misspelling the word typewriter - you'll find a few machines for sale called ...


and so on - happy hunting!


25-4-2013 01:25:47  #2

Re: How's your spelling?

Mai spilling ez eksellent. Hao dair uy sae it issunt!


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"I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit" - Sir Pelham Grenville "P.G." Wodehouse
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25-4-2013 09:00:05  #3

Re: How's your spelling?

I didn't realize how much I relied on spell-check until I started using typewriters again a few years ago. I actually bought a dictionary to keep close to my typewriter for reference.

It's hard to figure out how many different ways "typewriter" can be misspelled, but sometimes you get lucky trying different combinations.

Today on ebay, I got:
85 listings for "typewritter",
59 for "typwriter",
46 for "typerwriter"
15 for "typrwriter",
6 for "typeriter",
4 for "tipewriter",
4 for "typewrighter",
3 for "tyepwriter",
2 for "typwritter",
1 for "typewritr",
1 for "typriter",  
1 for "typewriterr",

I'm sure there's more, and sometimes there's a gem out there with a mis-spelled title.

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25-4-2013 17:31:35  #4

Re: How's your spelling?

My favourite is 'type writer'. Two words. 


25-4-2013 20:51:14  #5

Re: How's your spelling?

ProfessorC30 wrote:


Wow - I don't usually look at EBay in America for typewriters, becsuse of the postage, but never realized how many there are for sale there!  Maybe I should ask my American penpal to fill a small container and send some over here.

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25-4-2013 23:04:39  #6

Re: How's your spelling?

My Princess was listed as a "typewritter" in the title AND description. I was the only bidder.   My blog:  
            Photo gallery:

26-4-2013 02:49:56  #7

Re: How's your spelling?

AAAAAAAAArgh  I just found an UNUSED Olympia SM3 under 'type writer'. the ribbon has never even been inserted!
 What can this be worth?

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26-4-2013 17:17:29  #8

Re: How's your spelling?

For some reason, (in the US) changes "type writer" to "typewriter". I guess it just ignores spaces. It doesn't change most mis-spellings (like my examples above), though.


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