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24-9-2015 08:11:24  #1

Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

Okay, guys - here's a poser. 

It's an Adler Junior 3 with a cursive type face. Cute! I got it from a girl whose father was an Urdu scholar and poet, who ran a magazine with his friend; she thinks it was used on the magazine. The thing is, it is STUCK on its case. I cannot get it free for love nor money, so far.

It has those bits that secure the bolt and hold the machine still in the case, and when you turn them they release the bolt. But both of them are the same, in that when you turn them, they turn but seem to lose their hold on the bolts - they become a bit loose and floppy - but the bolts are still stuck fast. If you tug and yank the machine you can feel that the resistance is in the bolts. Both of them. A friend and I had a go at it togethe with a powerful little flashlight and a screwdriver, thinking we might achieve something by levering - but no.

We tried spraying penetrating oil on the bolts, carefully, through the works - but no. 

Any ideas/suggestions helpful. So far, she is thinking I could use a heated nail to make a hole around where the bolts go on the bottom of the case,m and then get a file and saw through it, to liberate the typewriter rather in the style of Wile E Coyote... anything better? 


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Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

What a larf I had reading this!  Sorry, but there are quite a few posts that don't do much for me in the way of entertainment.  OK, concentrate beak - there must be something I can suggest......

1. Vibration applied locally may shift things?  Something rubbery chucked slightly eccentrically in a cordless drill?  Push machine back and forth, and up and down (if it will) while doing this. 
2,  Get a strong thin cord and feed it round the bolt under the machine.  Work it back and forth with both hands trying to dislodge anything that will move.
3.  Start dismantling the machine from the top down until you get to the bolt.  (just kidding)

Failing that:

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24-9-2015 08:56:23  #3

Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

Don't Panic! Stay Calm, drink coffee. Seriously, I think it may be the same problem I had with my Adler Gabriele 25. The rubber pads on the typewriter sit on foam rubber inserts in the case. In time this degrades so a substance that sticks like, well, like glue. GENTLY using fingers and hands apply a sort of jerky pull to each side and the typewriter will eventually break free from the base. Don't use tools like a screwdriver as a lever or it will end in tears. It took me a good ten minutes and two cups of coffee.


24-9-2015 10:59:26  #4

Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

Right. I'll get some of the extra-strong Italian stuff in... ;)

Hmm, maybe I should just cut to the chase and find myself a couple of extra-strong Italians!

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24-9-2015 11:22:05  #5

Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

In your photo the release lever is not in the correct position to release the typewriter from the travel case. Each lever on either side of the machine should be pushed all the way to the rear (back) of the base so that the lever is sticking out perpendicular to the machine. In your photo the lever is only half-way to its release position. And as retro suggested, the rubber feet on the machine can tend to stick to the plastic of the travel case, so a firm tug at each corner can sometimes be required to break the bond.


24-9-2015 11:34:34  #6

Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

Hiya. I know it isn't! Trust me, it has been back and forth and in the release position more times than I can count. And I've also given it very much more than a firm tug. But after work (I have to go in a minute) I will try a more systematic approach on the lines of what both you and Retro seem to be suggesting.  I do know that the machine hasn't been used in decades.

Oh wait! I just had a quick go. I nearly sliced through my fingers at one point but I tried it at the corners, as you said, working diagonally from one to the other. It came free! It's free! 

Suddenly I really like it.


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24-9-2015 16:43:11  #7

Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

OK, you got the machine free from its' base - well done !  But for future reference, this is quite a common problem with this model.  When the levers are thrown to the locked position, a cam underneath pressurises a rubber collar that then grips the machine's frame.  When the levers are in the unlocked position, the collar is supposed to relax - allowing the typewriter to be pulled free.  The problem is that if the collar has been compressed for years, it will stay that shape and the machine just will not pull off the baseboard.  Take the ribbon cover off and peer inside the machine with a torch (flashlight).  You can see the top of the spindle on either side which the rubber collar is on.  At the top of the spindle is an e-ring (then a largeish washer, then the rubber collar).  Push the e-ring off both sides with a long screwdriver and you can lift the typewriter off the base without breaking anything.  You might be able to reduce the diameter of the rubber collar with some coarse emery cloth before putting the whole assembly back.  If you don't, it will stick again !


25-9-2015 06:12:48  #8

Re: Adler Junior 3 stuck to case!

Ah, thanks for that tip. The case isn't working very well anyway, and when I naively tried to get it back in it didn't want to go over the spindles in any case. I think it's had enough. So your advice will probably be needed, not just to prevent further sticking, but to get it back in at all!

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