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15-3-2013 15:00:43  #1

Buy & Sell FAQ (read before posting in this sub-forum)

Please follow these guidelines when using the Buy & Sell sub-forums.

1. Always use a prefix in the subject line of your message to let others quickly identify what type of ad it is that you're placing.
For example, use:
FS: = For Sale or For Free
FSOT: = For Sale or Trade
(Sold) = Item has been sold and is no longer available
WTB: = Want to Buy
WTT: = Want To Trade
(NLR) = No Longer Required (part or typewriter was found/purchased already)

2. Please use the Parts sub-forum for individual parts, the Typewriter sub-forum for complete machines that don't have any parts missing, and the Service sub-forum if you can provide a service of some kind to the typewriter community.

3. Please restrict all ads to typewriter related items.

4. Be as detailed as possible about what you want or what you have to sell. Include photos if possible, and be sure to include an asking price. PLEASE include your location as TT is an INTERNATIONAL forum!

5. We kindly ask that you don't remove prices after the item has sold (it's a handy reference to determine how much a specific model is selling for). However, please make sure to indicate in the thread if it has sold.

6. The Buy & Sell section of the forum is intended for personal use only and solely exists to help the typewriter community to find parts and to exchange typewriters. If you have a business and want to place ads here, please contact me first.

7. It is acceptable to post links to your own eBay auctions; however, we discourage the posting of eBay or other sellers links that are not your own. This sub-forum is intended to directly help the Typewriter Talk membership and establish a community of know and trusted buyers and sellers, and not act as a shill service for other websites.

8. Typewriter Talk assumes no responsibilty for any of the transactions here, nor can the forum intervene in any way.

If the Buy & Sell becomes a popular feature of this forum we'll add a sub-forum in which you can discuss your transaction and give the seller or buyer a positive or negative review. Providing feedback of this kind will help future buyers and sellers to understand who it is they are dealing with.

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