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09-12-2015 17:02:56  #1

Line-a-Time, what is it?

When looking on ebay, I came across a Remington Line-a-time thing. What is it? And what does it do? If it turns out to be useful, I might just have to look into getting one.

A high schooler with a lot of typewriters. That's pretty much about it.

09-12-2015 17:36:21  #2

Re: Line-a-Time, what is it?

It's just one of the many different types of copy holders that were produced over the years. You place the copy (original text) that you're typing from in the holder so that it's easier to read. The model that you are referring to also has a metal ruler that underlines the line that you're currently typing and a lever that automatically moves that ruler down the page to the next line when it's pressed.

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09-12-2015 21:40:37  #3

Re: Line-a-Time, what is it?

Hm. Sounds actually useful. Might look into it.

A high schooler with a lot of typewriters. That's pretty much about it.
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10-12-2015 06:17:54  #4

Re: Line-a-Time, what is it?

Check out the dimensions of this thing before you buy it.  I picked one of these up from someone who was giving it away, and carried it to the typewriter meeting in WV.  The thing is pretty big.  I think the one I transported was stuck in the extended position, but they are still very substantial pieces of equipment.


10-12-2015 06:45:25  #5

Re: Line-a-Time, what is it?

I find a copy stand a useful thing to have around in general: maybe not every day, but when it's just the thing it's just the thing. It holds copy in an easy to read position and saves desk space. I would not throw out my last one even if all I used were computers.

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