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Early Royal Standard for sale - Opinions?

Early Royal Standard

What do you think? Rarity? Condition? Price?


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Re: Early Royal Standard for sale - Opinions?

I'm sure it's pretty rare, but in that condition, I dunno if I'd fork out nearly $300!! 

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Re: Early Royal Standard for sale - Opinions?

I checked out some finished auctions on ebay and I was surprised at how cheaply this model sells. There were a few that sold for under $80.00. I think it's pretty rare too, so would have guessed it was worth $200 or more.
The pictures in that ad are beautiful!

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Re: Early Royal Standard for sale - Opinions?

Foljambe wrote:

What do you think? Rarity? Condition? Price?

I saw the ad when it was first posted and didn't even consider it for a second. It's missing parts, has a cracked case, and is described as being in non-working condition; also, some of the information in that ad is incorrect. Look up the serial number he provides and you'll find it's actually a 1913 model, not a 1907. And some of his other claims are just sales hyperbole. Give it a wide berth. 

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27-5-2013 19:55:16  #5

Re: Early Royal Standard for sale - Opinions?

I agree with what others have said.  Royal Standards are not an everyday occurance but they are not rare either.  

I won an early Standard a few months ago here-
Click on the photo and you will get the main auction page and photos.

One keytop is missing but it's a very early Standard, Ser. No. 8706 with the last date on the rear of May 1906.  Overall it's fairly clean and in good condition.  I think it will clean up will.  Just hoping I can acquire a celluloid key for the one missing.  The very early Standards have celluloid keytops unlike later Standards and much later Royals with glass keytops.

A collector near me has serial # 524, a very interesting machine, also with the large "R" on the side like mine.

You may have to look for a while for a decent Standard but I have seen a number of them on ebay in the year and a half that I have been collecting.

The absence of the correct ribbon spools or, at least, ones similar to the originals is a problem as they are hard to find.


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