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13-2-2021 12:02:29  #11

Re: Typewriter usage among collections

I regularly go between a 1966 Olympia SM9 wide, and a 1948 Remington-Rand Noiseless Model 7. The SM9 is seriously probably the ultimate portable machine for work. Unfortunately, it's a little loud, and it is missing the clear plastic guides which I'm always on the lookout for.
I love that the Noiseless forces me to be a better typist. It has a wonderful low impulse which is just incredibly pleasant. I want to get a new platen for this one.
I have a bunch of other machines which I have brought back to good working order in this last 10 months of pandemic. I've given away one, traded a few for homemade loaves of bread and a set of handmade ceramic bowls. I have some stoneware flat table settings on the way, which are paying for a Royal KMM 14" carriage. 
Anyway, I currently have seven working machines, and three machines in need of repair. One of the working ones is a Lettera 22 that I'm giving to my brother in-law. 
This thread makes me want to go type.
Phil Forrest


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