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01-3-2016 18:43:58  #1

FS: Private collection (via Reddit)

This is not my collection, but a post I saw on reddit.  The seller's contact info is in the link on the reddit post.


02-3-2016 11:28:36  #2

Re: FS: Private collection (via Reddit)

Strange that the seller seems determined to sell the collection whole as opposed to parting it out. We've seen this phenomenon a few times before here, and it's definitely a far more difficult approach. Although a couple of the machines interest me, I would never buy the collection since I already own examples of most of the other models, and I have no interest in buying and selling a dozen machines that I don't want just to get a couple of machines that might be interesting to obtain. 


02-3-2016 14:25:16  #3

Re: FS: Private collection (via Reddit)

Yeah, I agree. I'd think you'd get more splitting it up anyway.  Interest in this would probably be from someone like Antikeychop, or some other person who flips machines.

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23-3-2016 09:41:27  #4

Re: FS: Private collection (via Reddit)

Gosh that's a beautiful collection. Selling for purely financial reasons; it would make SO much more sense to see them singly.


24-3-2016 08:46:43  #5

Re: FS: Private collection (via Reddit)

A splendid set of machines; a couple there that I would like! 
A collection such as this could likely only go to a well-off new collector, since, as Uwe points out, any established collector would already have many of these and may not want the bother of selling on the doubles.  I chime in with the obvious 'List them separately on eBay or another major site'.  The only sure way to turn ready cash, I should think.
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