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26-3-2016 11:16:57  #1

This is a good site!

I've just been looking at some forums (can't stand 'fora')  about some other of my pastimes and pursuits, and am very glad to be back here!

Most of each thread in those unmentionable sites seems to be taken up by folk who simply want to parrot misinformation and 'urban myth' back and forth.  How confused the beginner at those sites must be.

Let's consider ourselves lucky here that there is next to none of that here, and that if it does happen, a correction soon follows by someone who knows better.

Phew - good to be 'home'.


26-3-2016 11:18:41  #2

Re: This is a good site!

OK, it's not perfect: I can't edit out any of those excessive 'here'-s here!

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27-3-2016 16:27:05  #3

Re: This is a good site!

Awww, that's so nice to read, though! A testament to Uwe and all the regulars, who of course include you, with your abundant common sense and good humour, Beak.


27-3-2016 16:53:09  #4

Re: This is a good site!

Credit really goes to all the great members here. Having moderated in other forums, I have to say this one is the most civil  and easy going of them all. And I'm still not giving up on the idea of making it much better in terms of features. There are two avenues that I'm exploring, but I don't want to get any hopes up at this point.

15-2-2021 19:04:28  #5

Re: This is a good site!


On some other forums, a post you make can be edited by the author for the 1st. 15 minutes and then it becomes automatically locked and set in stone.

Would be nice if such a feature were available here. 

I try to see my mistakes and typos in the "edit screen'...but for some reason do not seem to catch them (or catch them all) until I press "submit" and see my posting live.  Too late then...


16-2-2021 16:53:04  #6

Re: This is a good site!

Having a variable editing window is standard for the software used to run this forum; however, this hosting service has disabled that feature, which means post editing is strictly an on/off option.

16-2-2021 22:44:23  #7

Re: This is a good site!

Hi Pete

That's why you open a word document on your computer and type the response in there so typo's and spelling errors can be picked up by your word processing program. Once you're satisfied with the response, copy and paste into the "Post a Reply" box. Add links and images if desired, then click on "Preview". If you want to adjust anything, don't click "Go Back" or you'll lose everything. Just make changes in the "Post a Reply" box and preview again.

Once you are completely satisfied, click on "Submit" and your properly laid out, spell checked and edited post with links and graphics if desired is uploaded to the forum and you know you've don the best you can to add to the useful content of this forum. All the best,


PS. Do Witches use Spell Check?

A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares.
A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who's bound to have some characteristics of Quality.
Robert M. Pirsig. (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)

17-2-2021 05:37:29  #8

Re: This is a good site!

Yes of course witches use spell check.  That is how they know which witch is which


17-2-2021 08:34:46  #9

Re: This is a good site!

Thanks, pholks, for the input and suggestions !


17-2-2021 19:28:29  #10

Re: This is a good site!

I had mistakes "beaten" out of me by my boss and editor when I was in the Navy. If I didn't make mistakes, I could get my images and writing out that much quicker. One time, I was shooting and reporting on the Commandant of the Marine Corps visiting Camp Fallujah, when I was deployed to Iraq in 2004. I scooped the USMC journalists on the photos and the story. When I brought a disk over to the Division PAO, he looked at me, noticed none of his Marines had arrived yet, and asked me to stand by. When a corporal arrived with the photos (taken by a Marine), the Major introduced me to the corporal, made it a point to take my submission before the corporal, then dismissed me stating, "Thank you Petty Officer Forrest." I'm sure that corporal got a dressing down for being showed up by a squid; needless to say my images of the Commandant didn't get published before the Marines'. 
These days, I'm getting a little rustier, but typing on something other than a computer helps. It's just good for the brain too.
Phil Forrest


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