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01-5-2016 16:16:32  #41

Re: What It Means to Be an American

ztyper wrote:

Boy I wrote a lot...

One more thing I wanted to say, is that I've actually learned a lot about the people of this forum. It's very interesting to see the thoughts and feelings of people from around the world and that we're all open-minded enough to discuss such a charged topic. Perhaps there's a connection between typewriters, and the kinds of people that use them...

Again, very well said.

Underwood--Speeds the World's Bidness

01-5-2016 16:20:40  #42

Re: What It Means to Be an American

This is exactly why I prefer to not have politics and religion enter discussions here.

Typewriter Talk is not a good fit for anyone who can't play nice, and to be quite frank, I'm getting tired of this. I'm closing this thread (topic) because it's been more trouble than it was worth, and any similar disruptions will be dealt with using a more permanent action.

Stay Safe! 

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