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30-4-2016 18:02:22  #1

The typewriter in music videos

First sexy and then subversive. Both in Russian.

Hope this does not offend community standards.

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30-4-2016 19:21:34  #2

Re: The typewriter in music videos

I liked the models and the singer in the first one, and the rhythm of the music in the second one.  I will say that the hand coming up from the bowl in the second video reminds me of an old program called, "The Addams Family."   Anyway, the hand from the bowl reminds me of "Thing."

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13-2-2017 00:49:21  #3

Re: The typewriter in music videos

The official music vid for "Rumor has it" by Addile  (I have no idea how she spells her name...) features a young man or perhaps a teenage kid typing  at a desk in an otherwise darkened room, that has inspired an entire sci- fi adventure for me. I hope to get it into print one day before I leave this world.
My typewriter identification chops aren't good enough to figure out what he is using.


13-2-2017 01:32:43  #4

Re: The typewriter in music videos

Had a quick look at the Adele video and it looks like an early '50s Smith-Corona Sterling to me, but I was using my phone and wouldn't bet too much on it.

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14-2-2017 23:33:40  #5

Re: The typewriter in music videos

Yes Uwe, it does seem to be a Smith Corona although the badge on the front of the ribbon spool cover seems to be washed out or filled in with something ( to avoid a licensing or copy right issue I would guess).
I agree that it is probably the Sterling model as you say. My older son has one that looks just like the one featured in the video. 


16-2-2017 16:36:35  #6

Re: The typewriter in music videos

I wondered if the video for Elvis Costello included a typewriter, and, sure enough, there are some brief glimpses of an Olivetti Diaspron 82.


16-2-2017 16:38:15  #7

Re: The typewriter in music videos

...for Elvis Costello's 'Everyday I Write the Book'...


16-2-2017 17:40:26  #8

Re: The typewriter in music videos

not exactly a music video but, one of my favorite shorts none the less.
"writer's block, a super cut" (this is not a link) can be found on "u tube"
A quick run through 53 different Hollywood personalities that are suffering from crippling writer's block as in a movie.
Lost of eye candy for the typewriter enthusiast  ! 


17-2-2017 10:36:22  #9

Re: The typewriter in music videos

Stay Safe! 

17-2-2017 23:56:36  #10

Re: The typewriter in music videos

Ah! thanks Uwe. That's the one!
Now next we must identify the maker/ supplier of the small magnifier lens mounted on the paper guide of what seems to be a model of Olympia machine ( since this is a COMPLETE stab in the dark, I'll say it's an SM9 )
That is by far the coolest AND most practical accessory I have ever seen for a typewriter.
If I ever get my writing desk back, I have a lighted, 4 inch magnifying lens that clamps to a table/ bench but, I really like the idea of the machine mounted lens as shown in the video.
Thanks again for posting the link.


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