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18-7-2016 10:18:29  #11

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

Ah, good thought. That's a pain in the you know what.  But that beats having to remove the carriage, which is what I was afraid of.  I was thinking that if I turned the machine upside down and removed the bottom, I'd see clearly the motor and belt assembly.


18-7-2016 20:25:54  #12

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

I know where one is   there is an antique mall in houston off I-10  it has been there for a long time


18-7-2016 21:50:55  #13

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

Well, that's good to know -- but not worth going to Houston for!


19-7-2016 08:28:20  #14

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

This is why I encourage everyone to add their city to their profile - or at the very least a region. This is an international forum and it makes things so much simpler when you can see where someone is from before you reply to requests, be it for parts or complete typewriters.

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19-7-2016 15:19:35  #15

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

Just did it. Thanks for the reminder.


21-7-2016 11:34:48  #16

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

I happened to be in Boston for a meeting yesterday and was able to stop in to Cambridge Typewriter Co. I peppered Tom Furrier with a bunch of questions on various machines, which he patiently answered. He says that for the Academy, indeed this is a belt issue, and he's been unable to find a replacement belt that works properly. The belt fits into a beveled groove, so that makes it all the harder to find a belt that fits. If you've gotten one that fits and works well, congratulations! I may still open the machine up to see what he means -- he said to remove the four screws that hold the feet on, and remove the top screws from the case (not the ones on the bottom, apparently). I'll have to take another look.

I described also the problem I have with a Selectric (which I also got for free), and I'm encouraged that he thought it might be a simple fix. Now I just have to get back up to Boston....

Typewriter geeks owe it to themselves to go to this place. Not a lot of room, and he doesn't have much for sale besides ribbons, but just to get his thoughts on things is good -- he's a fellow traveler, as it were.

Oh, and I did buy the last copy of Richard Polt's book that he had in stock. Looks really great -- but I figure you all knew that anyway! 


21-7-2016 19:31:27  #17

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

The local typewriter repair shop was able to make a belt that fit the Academy.  It took a couple of tries though.

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21-7-2016 20:49:36  #18

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

I'm impressed!  Where did they get the material -- vacuum cleaner belt?


21-7-2016 21:13:14  #19

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

I've heard of kits that you can use to make different belts of different sizes.  I'm going to have to look into those.  Maybe that's what the shop did.  It involves a process of sizing the belt, and using a special process to fasten the ends together.  Otherwise, one could always paw through a pile of vacuum cleaner belts, like I was going to try to do.

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22-7-2016 04:35:24  #20

Re: Looking for info on Royal Academy

I know that this machine uses a V-belt, but if push came to shove, you could try finding a large o-ring which would serve as a belt.  Try automotive stores or engineering suppliers. 


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