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27-7-2013 03:44:40  #1

Typewriter Repairs in Melbourne, Australia

Hi all, I just thought I'd post this up in case there are any folks in Melbourne with typewriters that need repairs or servicing. Tom has been running Elite Office Machines & Co for the last thirty years.
I first dealt with him back in the late 1980s when he serviced my Olivetti Lettera 32. In the past few years, he has done excellent work on my typewriters which include a 1937 Smith-Corona Standard, a 1947 Smith-Corona Sterling, a 1946 Royal Quiet De Luxe, a 1954 Olympia SM3 and a 1958 Groma Kolibri, to name a few.
I have been very happy with the work that he's done on my typewriters. He even gave them a rubdown to bring them back to looking as new as possible.
He also has machines for sale from time to time. He's old-school, so he doesn't have a website or e-mail address. Cool!

His details are;

Elite Office Machines
188 Elgin St
Carlton, 3053

Ph. (03) 9347 6311

Cheers, all!

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27-7-2013 05:08:50  #2

Re: Typewriter Repairs in Melbourne, Australia

Any other typewriter gurus in Melbourne? One day, I might need one. 

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