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15-6-2016 11:04:08  #1

Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

There is a concerted effort in place at the moment to unravel the mystery surrounding the Smith-Corona date codes used on portable models that were manufactured from the 1960s into the 1980s.

Anyone owning such a Smith-Corona portable typewriter can help by submitting the following information to this thread:
1. Your typewriter's model name (example: Classic 12)
2. Its serial number (example: 6LTV-439343H)
3. Its date code (example: HD31547)

The date codes are either printed on a paper label (see example below) or stamped on the machine's frame under its case. Some are as easy to find as turning the machine upside down. Others will require some poking around. Not all machines may have one, but it would be appreciated if you could check your Smith-Corona portables to find out.

The date code is seven characters in length and should consist of a two letter prefix followed by five numbers (see example below).

Example serial number:

Example date code:


15-6-2016 19:42:59  #2

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

Well, I cannot find any date sticker on my Classic 12, so I don't know how helpful this will be: serial number is 6LT2 - 208711, stamped on the frame inside the ribbon cover (not on the bottom). However, there is printed on the same frame piece, in large letters, 1 78. Don't know if that is of any significance at all.

(I was also a little surprised to not find anything saying the machine was made in the USA -- on another SCM I used to own, a Galaxie Deluxe, this information was present on the sticker under the carriage listing the various patents.)


15-6-2016 20:05:35  #3

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

On my Coronet Super 12, the label has worn away the first part.  I can barely make out the last three digits as being 641.  the remainder of the label has worn off because it is right where the power cord comes out from the machine.

Smith Premier typewriters are cool!

26-6-2017 14:03:40  #4

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

I couldn't find the date code on my Classic 12, but the serial number is 6LT-118656. According to Typewriter Database, that places it in 1963.


28-6-2017 15:09:03  #5

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

The serial number of my Classic 12 is 6LTV-829896, made in Canada. I didn't found any date code yet.


21-5-2019 05:08:58  #6

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

1. Model: Classic 12
2. Serial number: 6LTV-347538
3. Date code (can't find a sticker)


21-5-2019 07:43:22  #7

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

Not all Smith-Coronas of this era have a Date Code on them, either because they never got one at that particular factory or because it fell off over the years. And on some of them, the numbers have worn off the sticker so it's not recognizable as a Date Code sticker any more.
Uwe, do we know what purpose the Date Code served within the SCM organization?


21-5-2019 18:39:40  #8

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

M. Höhne wrote:

Uwe, do we know what purpose the Date Code served within the SCM organization?

The Date Code thing became an investigative project to figure that out. Ted is compiling as much of this information as he can find to see if there's a pattern and how they relate to the serial numbers. As you pointed out, most machines don't have one, so collecting data has been difficult. I haven't talked to Ted in a while about it, so I'm not sure how far he's progressed - or if he's still pursuing it at all.

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18-6-2021 08:29:29  #9

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

Galaxie 12 Serial #6MLC530278H      Date Code:  HN31416     Data Base says 1976

Classic 12  Serial # 6LTVA25620H      Date Code faded and suspect  HO8789( O could be a D or something else.   Data Base says 1968

Sterling      Serial # 6MSE165248    No date code but repair tag was dated 01/02/71 which does not correspond with SCM data base which says 1973, approximate

Classic 10     Serial # 5X146978       No Date code   Data Base says 1964

Coronet Automatic 12     Serial # 6ELN363017G    No Date Code    Not in the Data Base

lassic 10     


06-1-2022 09:19:17  #10

Re: Smith-Corona Date Codes - Please Help!

Smith Corona Galaxie 12 (my 2nd one)  #6MLC471280H....Data Base says 1975

      Date sticker:  HF3105


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