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04-1-2017 18:06:19  #21

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

I seem to have gone from a regular, to a lurker within the past year, and this thread is no exception...

​For me personally, I don't post as often as I used to because I'm just plain tired. It takes effort on my part to take the pictures and then post them due to my not quite obsolete technology. And then I need to write a post, or an opinion, and then carefully think about how to word it so I don't sound stupid. I know, it's not that hard, but I already do that for hours a day during school and even this post is now giving me a slight headache.

​As for the forum itself, it's just probably chance that determines the daily activity. People post question, and in response some answers, but who posts is really not a steady stream. Like Uwe said, most leave after their onw question. In fact, I never meant to stay here, I was just going to leave after I fixed my Olympia SM-9 back 2014. But (as chance would have it) my mother had yet another typewriter for me to fix and so I was hooked.

And then there's the Users vs. Collectors thing that I've sometimes noticed. Users tend to be more practical, mechanically inclined, and knowledgeable with the operational theory of the typewriter itself. Collectors tend to be more selective, historically inclined, and concerned about preserving the typewriter itself. And any hobby with collectors in it will definitely have some tension between members as the opposing pickiness of what to collect collide. Where there are opinions, there will be pettiness. I'm at fault of it sometimes, and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn't at least once. However, I am pleased with the typewriter collecting community overall. We're not too snobby or mean like watch or car collecting and there is usually a lot of helpfulness between members (This is just from my own experience on here, and on other sites. I am not claiming that this is a tried and true fact, just an observation).

​I don't even know where I was going with this. I didn't mean to write so much, just some thoughts I had after following this tread for awhile now. As I said before, I have a headache so I am not straining my eyes anymore by proof-reading this again. If something doesn't make sense, just call me bad names and just please correct me. One last thought though: I am glad for this forum because it got me into typewriter collecting as a full-blown hobby among other things. It taught me DIY repair, and the importance of the precise adjustments and tools (something my father has tried to teach me for years). I've learned how to handle things myself, and how great mechanical engineering it. So, uh, yeah, thanks Uwe for the pretty darn cool platform for casual typewriter talking.

A high schooler with a lot of typewriters. That's pretty much about it.

04-1-2017 21:45:29  #22

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

ztyper, I have noticed your drop-off in postings and I have missed you. It's good to know that it's because you have a life. Thanks for being here when you can.


04-1-2017 22:21:19  #23

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

M. Höhne wrote:

It's good to know that it's because you have a life.

​Whether or not I have a life really depends on who you ask! ​  But thanks anyways, it warms my heart to know that I am missed and needed somewhere in this world.

A high schooler with a lot of typewriters. That's pretty much about it.

08-1-2017 07:55:02  #24

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

There´s something that I´veen trying to start here, and it´s a series of typewriters review following Uwe´s format. I think that´s interesting and usefl at the same time, mosty with less common typewriters. But there´s an issue: time. I can´t find time for that, and I wish I could spend more time with my typewriters ans sharing them as much as possible. Participating in this forum is an important part of it, because I´m in a typewriter desert where I live and there´s no one around to share the hobby with. But again, I cand find hardly enough free time, and sometimes I want (or desperately need) something lighter than complex mechanical issues with an escapement which refuses to work properly. So here´s something I totally agree with:

beak wrote:

We might all bear in mind that there is an off-topic forum; so perhaps we could all use that a little more - it's not all typewriters after all - and this can help to see special interest forums (hate 'fora') through the quiet moments.   One topic popular on another forum about pens dealt with language and how we do (or should) use it - that generated a deal of interest, along with a deal of disagreement, but was always interesting.

After all, we are all interested in typewriters, and having a healthy off-topic section lets us speak not only about how to dismantle a typewriter, put it back together and not to die trying. That "use of language" topic seems most interesting, but maybe I´m not the most adequate one to start it because I´m not a native English speaker... Maybe I´ll come up with something interesting :D


(Olivetti Linea 98)

13-1-2017 09:38:42  #25

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

I'm still around too (if anyone remembers me) but it's probably been a year or more since I actively contributed here. That's really for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is my waning enthusiasm about my typewriters. Don't get me wrong, I still love them! However, I have too many now to justify buying more, and although I try my best to sell what I can, people keep giving me more. I suppose it's not an issue I anticipated, but without anything new to tinker with I've grown a bit bored and I've turned to other hobbies.

Anyways, who knows, I may become a regular here again soon. All I have to do is get rid of 10 or so typewriters, and I'll be happy with my collection again.

Side note, I do have several interesting or unusual "project" machines I can't fix, and I may try selling them through this forum here if anyone would be interested. I'm not trying to liquidate my collection, but I have no use for non-functional machines.


13-1-2017 18:51:19  #26

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

What machines are these you want to sell?

Underwood--Speeds the World's Bidness

15-1-2017 00:45:53  #27

Re: New Typewriter Group/Forum

I've got a cursive, plastic H3K that needs new washers inside the case (it's very difficult to open!), a lovely blue Corona 4 with special math keys that has more problems than I can name right now, an Underwood Ace that needs some feet, a Hermes standard with a wacky escapement, etc. If I have time, I'll make a post about them soon.


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