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21-2-2017 09:17:32  #11

Re: Underwood "Semitic" 46

I've seen that machine on Craigslist for a long time; glad you got it. As I recall, it was pretty far north in VT -- not close enough for a short jaunt!


21-2-2017 11:47:26  #12

Re: Underwood "Semitic" 46

Yes, I'm glad I finally went for it. One of a kind, and Russian, which I can use. Plus I got the whole backstory that it was originally owned by the seller's dad, who taught himself Russian, and then when WWII broke out, he became a Russian teacher for our troops heading to the front who would need to speak and interact with our Soviet allies. I'll treasure it... whenever I actually get it. 

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11-5-2017 07:53:45  #13

Re: Underwood "Semitic" 46

Hi Markmotown, I'm curious to know the serial # and how you got the date. I found one at the Yiddish Book Center with serial #2217297-10. According to the database, it looks like this would be 1927. (I'm not sure what the "-10" is for. I would like to compare.


11-5-2017 19:38:14  #14

Re: Underwood "Semitic" 46

nick wrote:

(I'm not sure what the "-10" is for. I would like to compare.

It indicates the platen size.

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